Circles.Life Taiwan

I have been a super happy customer of Circles.Life in Singapore for years and I have just found out that the firm expanded to Taiwan recently. I visited the website and it seems as user-friendly and straightforward as Singapore’s. Anyone had experiences with it? How’s the speed compared to the others? Any difficulties for foreigners subscribing? I was like OMG finally when I read 身份證或居留證 :rofl:

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You said you visited the website but did not give a link. No idea but here is what appears to be a link.

It’s an MVNO telco. With data caps… The prices they’re offering, might as well just go with the established players and get the unlimited plans.

I was asking whether anyone had experience with it, which is why I did not think of providing a link. I have just added it. Thanks.

It’s all unlimited 吃到飽, actually. Circles is a MVNO in Singapore too, but speed there is as fast as M1 which is the provider. It’s very popular among foreigners because of the all-online subscription and account management with no bureaucracy, deposits or guarantor crap: just a monthly charge on your debit/credit card. Curious to see whether it kept the same ease of use in Taiwan as well. I will definitely try it myself next month and update here, but maybe someone already has some feedback to share.

I signed up to because the month-to-month contract seemed appealing.
All functionality has to be done from their mobile app, which is only in Chinese and region-locked to Taiwan. My app store region is not Taiwan, so I can’t download the app. I can’t even read the bills, because I would need the app to do so.

I’d say that it’s all quite inconvenient.

Sorry to hear that, man. They should definitely have at least created a bi(multi)lingual app, considering that the original one (Singapore) is already in English.

On a side note: was the activation process smooth? Did you encounter any hiccup apart from the language barrier? Did they accept your ARC as a valid ID without any noise?

Activation was a little clunky because I couldn’t download the app. I had to speak to customer support twice, but thankfully their customer support is pretty good.

They accepted my ARC without any fuss.

The region-locked app is just strange. What if you travel between Singapore and Taiwan often? I imagine that’s fairly common. It would make sense to use the same telco in both countries, but this wouldn’t be possible even with a dual-sim phone due to the region locks.

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