Civil Disobedience in Taiwan

If that’s how you feel, then do something about it. Complaining won’t help.

From the outside, the company culture at TRA appears completely unfixable.

But it can be done. Look at China Airlines, basically the TRA of the air, with a terrible reputation and a horrible safety record into the 1990s. Negligence, lack of following SOP, the list went on and on. Yet somehow since the 1990s the company culture at China Airlines was changed. No one will mistake them for the best airline in the sky but at least their planes stopped disintegrating mid-air due to negligence.

TRA needs to undergo a similar structural change. I’d be studying the China Airlines playbook and seeing what can be adopted. Change at TRA can’t come soon enough.



why forumosa why


What do you suggest he does? Get a job with the railways and use his natural charm over a period of years to climb the corporate ladder to the upper echelons of the TRA power structure and enact a progressive anti-corruption agenda as its new head? Sounds easy. Why don’t you do that too? In the meantime, he can vent his frustration here.


Well TRTC takes safety really seriously. Like uber seriously.

Why can’t TRA be like TRTC?

Maybe this incident will spur some serious discussion about this?

Neighbor says it’s safer to just drive to Hualien than take the train. In fact you’re more likely to get killed in a car crash than ride a train. When I was in the army they said the only approved inter city transportation while on military business is train.

Buses in particular is really dangerous because of these lego buses they drive that breaks into a million pieces in a crash.

Lots of things he could do. Organize marches, hold sit-in at stations or on the tracks, start petitions… etc.

I won’t do it because I don’t care that much. He seems to. I’m just sad about it, not angry.

That’s illegal!


Never heard of Civil Disobedience?
If something is that important to you, you do it regardless.

That is not worth jailtime and deportation.

You really think you can convince a bunch of foreigners to do doubly illegal things and throw their entire lives away? That’s your strategy? Do something where the result is being put in front of the immigration centre employee signing off your deportation?


could you stop


Not really the place to continue, so I’ll end it now. It’s all a matter of how much one cares about something. I just get tired of people who complain online but do nothing in real life. Not saying he is one of them. @afterspivak

Cutting off your own nose to spite your face.

Then start a topic.

It’s already a very stupid idea that does not get the goals you want. Want to know what changes? They will just simply sign your deportation papers once you’ve served your sentence, ending your life in Taiwan. You’ll be banned from Taiwan and the media will just simply call you poorly behaved in their usual tabloidy style.

This is not how to enact change. Foreigners cannot practically protest. It’s a violation of the terms of your visa.

You will do nothing but hurt yourself.

Headstronging a problem is not a good strategy.


Buddy in Taiwan you don’t protest, you take a few jobs worths to dinner, ktv then you take to next layer of jobs worths to dinner ktv then you might meet some people who know some people who are able to contact people who know people to get an email contact. Then you start with the dinner ktv again.


We don’t know the stories of all the people on that train who lost their lives today.

But we also don’t know the stories of many of our fellow forumosans—what we do not just online but offline in our lives.

If any of the points in my posts are off the mark, let me know. But please don’t make assumptions about what I do in my life.

Peace to all,

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I’ve always admired your punctuation. I’d like to see a few semi-colons though. But, I’m snooty that way.


English teacher? :thinking:


If you think I’m pissed about the TRA’s company culture, statements like that will take my anger to a level that may surprise you. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


And just like that we’re in temp—as this digression should be.



And now we’re not. Muahahahaha!

All posts in this topic behind this point are immune to temping now. Want to have a civil disobedience conversation? Here’s the place to do it!