Civil Disobedience in Taiwan

Wrong again… :sunglasses:

Thank Marco for that!


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then, stop reading.


Despite the negatives, reading online is a blessing. A lot of knowledge one would miss otherwise. Wouldn’t you agree?

Absolutely, but shooting myself in the foot, in my opinion not an effective way to attain goals.

I’m not prepared to martyr myself to change TRA behaviour. The only thing we have available at our disposal is our conversations.

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Taiwan Army?

It would be UberIrony if the Taiwan Army were the only risk-aware and risk averse organisation in the country, and relevent to the currently parallel thread dissing Taiwan’s military credibility.

Tell me the Airforce aren’t allowed to fly, and the Navy can’t travel on ferries.


Taiwan army tend to get a bit risk adverse because when their conscripted son is hurt or dead the army gets asked a million questions.