Civilization IV

Has anyone played it?

Where can I get it in Taiwan?

I heard it was buggy. There are some patches on this site but not sure if they fix the problem or not.

So this is a game right. It is talked about several times in the games forums.

Bit it is the best game ever. Gamespy ranks it the game of the year!
It slows down on mu computer in big games with all the stuff added in but runs fine in slightly lower modes. I have not run into a bug yet, except the “you will not stop playing” bug. Its bad. Makes you want to play all day.

It should be in the Guanghua IT park. It is a 2 story free for all under the old RR overpas. Between Zhongxiao E Rd. Sec 2., Bade Rd. Sec. 1 and Jinshan N Rd… Yes its between 3 roads. There is one street with lots of good computer shops, starts with a big yelow 3C, but the main market is under the Rail road overpass. Closest MRT is Zhongxiao Xinsheng Station.

Does it come with an English instruction manual?

[quote=“Lo Bo To”]Does it come with an English instruction manual?[/quote]The imported one for $1500 is completely in English, game, box, tech tree chart and manual. I got mine from a tiny shop half way along the right side. A shop on the far back on the left also has/had it.

Tis rather buggy though, even after I installed a patch.