CJKOS resolution for a dummy?

Could anyone explain to me how the different resolutions available with CJKOS correspond to the four different fonts on the (low-res) Palm OS?

To save memory, I installed the 1212 traditional Chinese font only. There was a 1010 one available but I didn’t install that.

So this font I have seems to work OK in each of the four Palm OS font options: small, small bold, large, and large bold. Well, it looks fairly horrible in the small one, but I wonder whether the 10*10 one would be just as bad.

1212 means each character takes up 12 pixels by 12 pixels. The 1010 font would look smaller, and more “blurry” as it loses detais on the font. I guess if you have both installed, it’d use the 10*10 font for small and small bold.

That seems to be the case. Without the 1010 font installed, it shrinks the 1212 one for the Palm OS small font sizes. That looks nasty. But I’ve just installed the 10*10 one as well, and now small fonts look much better.

Or you could upgrade to a hi-res machine and install the 1616 and 2424 fonts.

I’ll probably upgrade to a Treo650 or 700 or whatever succeeds it at some point but for now the Treo 600 does everything I need it to.

I’ve got it working well now. Even the 1010 font isn’t so bad. And Supermemo makes good use of the 1212 font by making it double size. Looks nice. But I discovered that whatever combination of 1010 or 1212 fonts I have installed, I have to uncheck “support CJK LargeBoldFont” or the Q/A display in Supermemo has the lines of the characters running together and virtually unreadable.