CKS Airport Banks

I am arriving on a Friday at 9:30 pm. Will I be able to change money (GBP or EUR to TWD) at the airport (CKS)?


Right before you hit immigration, depending on which terminal you come into, there will be a place to change money. I believe there are several outside immigration and customs as well.

Heard a rumour that you’re coming straight to my gaff, is this correct? If so, change up lots of loot and pick up some beers. Skins would be good, too. PM me.

That’s OK then - I just remembered I don’t have any NT at all, and I remember from some years ago that the banks had funny opening hours.

Is there still a bus to town ? Where does it arrive ? Upon disgorging from said bus will I be descended upon by taxi drivers willing to charge me NT$500 for a short trip up the street ? Should I just get a taxi from the airport and if so what outrageous fee will I be charged these days ? (I have never actually done this as even after a 20 hour journey the tightwad in me overcomes the lazy barsteward within - it is a struggle to behold!)

There is a bus to Taipei, actually I think there are several, not sure where they all stop though. Taking a taxi is not recommended, I think it is like $1000NT from the airport to Taipei. It will be cheaper if you just take a bus to Taipei and then take a taxi from where the bus stops to where you need to go. I think the bus is very very cheap. Though if you have a lot of stuff, it may just be best to take a taxi…

A taxi is NT$1200 nowadays, a limousine service does it for NT$900 (if no receipt is needed) and picks you up in a Pullman instead of an ugly yellow sedan.

But there is the CKS Airport bus, much more reasonable (can’t remember the exact price) and runs around the whole day … more horsepower than the limousine, too. Anyhow, there are several stops in town, at major junctions and hotels.

There are a number of bus companies going from the airport to Taipei. They have stops at various locations. It’s best to find the bus that goes nearest to where you want to go.

As for the voracious taxi drivers I think you only encounter them if you take the bus to Taipei Main Station (which infuriatingly stops about 400 metres from the Station).

Don’t use terminal 2 banks for money changing the exchange rate is worst and they charge you for it. Terminal 1 banks don’t charge a fee and offer a better exchange rate.

I prefer Airbus, but it will depend on where your staying and if they come close to that area. They have 3 routes: West Taipei, East Taipei, and Banchiao.


Don’t take bus that goes through Taoyuan, as it takes an extra 30 mikes or so.

Aha, CKS now has 2 terminals, which one am I likely to arrive at from London via Bangkok on EVA ?

EVA operates from terminal 2.

The last time I took the airport bus, it was 120NT (about a year ago, now we hire a car cause we have the kid and too much stuff!). I always took the east line (avoid the train station like the plauge!) and got off at either Far Eastern or Howard Plaza. From there you can get a taxi (at metered rates) without any trouble.

Banks do still have weird hours 9-3:30 in general!

Welcome back to Ilha Formosa!

Fare on the Airbus Eastline is 140 NT, fare on the Westline to the Main Station is 110 NT. I still usually get off at the Main Station though it is rather inconvenient there, standing on the road with all your luggage and being harrassed by the taxi drivers. However, no taxi driver ever tried to overcharge me when I took a taxi there. It’s probably the difference between speaking Chinese and knowing where to go as opposed to being new in Taiwan and not knowing any Chinese at all.

A friend of mine prefers to take a bus from CKS to Sungshan Airport (around 140 NT, I believe) and then hop into a taxi there at the designated taxi stand. I did that once but didn’t like it too much because the bus takes ages going through Taipei before stopping at Sungshan. And the taxi drivers will definitely charge 10 NT more for putting luggage in the trunk (that’s usually packed with their own stuff, anyway :?). Taxi drivers that I took from the Main station hardly ever surcharged me 10 NT.

It actually depends on where you want to go. The bus companies have put up maps, and you can figure out which company takes you the closest.

Good luck and a nice trip

It will be terminal 2 as wix99 said, it is very nice and took them 9 years to complete. :unamused: The last time I was there they had one person for foreign immigration, until all the Taiwanese passengers left and then they opened up other booths. I am telling you this because it may take you longer to get through immigration, but maybe they have fixed this by now…

I definitely prefer Terminal 2 and didn’t feel that immigration there was slower than in Terminal 1. Terminal 2 is much lighter and more spacious in my opinion. I’m always scared my friends and family will be put off from liking Taiwan when they get off the plane and are rushed through bleak, smelly Terminal 1.

What are those pillar constructions in the departure hall of Terminal 1 for that they put up recently? Are there problems with the structure of the building?

Just wondering …


Don’t get me wrong, I love Terminal 2, that was just my observation, I guess they have changed the way they do things there, which is good!

[quote=“Rascal”]A taxi is NT$1200 nowadays, a limousine service does it for NT$900 (if no receipt is needed) and picks you up in a Pullman instead of an ugly yellow sedan.

How would I arrange this ? Can it be done on arrival ?

The lighting system is getting a complete refit.

The lighting system is getting a complete refit.[/quote]

Thanks Sandman! I was a tiny little bit worried when I saw it last time. Maybe I’ve spent too much time here, thinking of the worst first :?