CKS Airport on a scooter?


Anyone know the route to get to Chiang Kai Shek Airport (CKS) outside of Taipei, using a scooter, and with downtown Taipei as a starting point?

My main concern is the need to avoid highways that do not allow scooters. Someone suggested to me that this was impossible. I have a hard time believing that.

Tips or specific route instructions appreciated.



I know for a fact you can go to the carg terminal by scooter, but I’m not sure you’re allowed to take a scooter to the other terminals. You might have to take a shuttle bus. I did it years ago, but I couldn’t tell you how to do it now. Dig out the maps!

The easiest route I see on the map is to drive out to Guandu bridge - start driving out Chengde Rd - on the way to Danshui(Between Beitou and Danshui - the big red bridge). You cross it, and turn right… You will then be provincial route 15, which go by the sea and is not that crowded. You follow that until you reach provincial route 4, which will take you past the airport.

Another route is that you drive over Zhongxiao bridge - at the end of Zhongxiao west road. Once you are over teh bridge, you see some signs telling you that you are on provoncial route 1. Follow that to you reach Minsheng N. Road in Taoyuan city - turn right, and you will be at route 4. Straight ahead, and you will get to the airport eventually.

Also, they have those parking lots near the airport, which are privately owned. If you have a credit card, you might get a good price. Stop there, and pay a few hundred NT for the shuttle bus and someone to look after your scoot while away. They will give you a card with their number, when you arrive in Taiwan call them, and they will pick you up shortly, and bring you back to your scoot.

Why bother, taking a bus from Taipei is dirt cheap. From Taipei Main station it’s only 110-130 dollars. It’s quite comfortable and the buses are clean.


Hr. He: Good directions.

Asked my question out of curiosity, and for a practical reason – I may drive it, unless it begins to resemble the Baja 1000.

I have considered the bus, but didn’t research it yet. The issue is 24 hour service. Any clue if they offer that? Or which shuttle company provides that service?

Any other thoughts on scootering to CKS are welcome.


I motorcycle to the CKS airport regularly (I believe in the great British motto “only losers take the bus”). But there again, I do live close to the Guandu bridge. And again, I reckon anyone living in northern Taipei (Bei Tou, tansui), who likes motorcycling, should seriously consider this option.

The nicest way is along the coast road. Its also nice to know, when u get back, that you can leap on your trusted steed and you have the freedom of 2 wheels & freash sea air after being couped up in a deep vein thrombosis sky-tube for umpteen hours.

Tip: the main logisitical problem which puts most people off is parking. I always park in the motorbike rank outside the post office (its a 3 min walk to terminal 1 from there - under the underpass). Very good for short trips - say 1 - 2 days. Alternatively, about a further 200m away is the covered motorcycle parking lot for the cargo personnel. It has a security guard most of the time, but not during the early hours of the morn - however, ther are pleny of cop cars patrolling, being a high security place, so potential theives will probably reckon there are easier (less risk) ways of stealing a motorcyle. Plus, the bike park is enclosed, so your bike is not an particularly visible target. I have left mine there for up to 2 weeks on numerous occasions. best to put a wheel lock on, though. (just rememebr noit to lose the freakin key when you’re overseas!).

[quote=“govt-attache”]I reckon anyone living in northern Taipei (Bei Tou, tansui), who likes motorcycling, should seriously consider this option.

The nicest way is along the coast road.
Great. Could you give some “turn right, turn left” directions and a driving time estimate from the Danshui-side of the Guandu Bridge?



Depending on how fast you ride it shouldn’t take more than about 50 minutes tops from the Kuandu side of the bridge. It’s a little funky at the bridge turnoff and you’ll need to look carefully, as the motorcycle lane goes through a little tunnel first. Once you go through the tunnel, stay to your right (but not all the way) and the onramp for the bridge goes off to your right on a nice 270 degree sweeper. Once over the bridge, get off on the right hand side.

There are two spots in Baling where you’ll need to turn. The first is pretty obvious, the road will split, and you’ll take the left fork (It’s the larger turnoff of the two/4 lane highway). The second is not so obvious. You’ll go through a newer, more built up section of Bali, and after about 8 lights you’ll need to take a right, go down about 100yards only and hang a left. I believe there are signs, and if not the majority of traffic will make that turn. If you get lost in there, just ask for directions to the water park. If you miss this turn, you’ll be heading up the back side of Guanyin mountain.

Once you are on the 15, you’ll be on the coast within five minutes. It’s a nice 4 lane highway and will take you all the way into Taoyuan County. Look to spend about 20 minutes on this section…This will take you all the way into Chuwei. Highway 15 bypasses Chuwei and this is where you’ll need to turn. You’ll see the 15 go off to the right…Don’t follow it! About 150 yards past where it takes off to the right, you’ll come to a sizable intersection. If you go straight, the road narrows down to two lanes…Turn left here.

Now you’ll be heading for the airport… I believe it’s about 2-3km down the road to the turnoff into the cargo area. The right hand turn you’ll need to make is about a 140 degree one with a separate turn lane…Can’t miss it. From there, you are on your own as I’ve never done the scooter airport drop. But if you continue on this access road, it will go off to the left, and the cargo areas (potential parking) will be on your right.

Important…Do not go past the underpass on your scooter! You’ll end up in the main departure area, and they take a very dim view of scooters there.

I can do Teinmou-Yangmei by motorcycle using the coastal highway in about 1hour and twenty minutes…Averaging 80-100kph. I would think on a scooter from the Kuandu bridge to CKS should take 50 minutes to 1 hour.

Interesting you should compare this road to the baja…When I first got here, it was a super narrow, windy, sand dune blown section of road. One night coming back from Chuwei, a sand dune had entirely covered the road (daily occurance back then…The military spent more time fighting sand there then looking for commie boats) and I hit the damn thing at about 80kph. Be careful in the motorcycle lane near the power plant, on windy days the sand will still come up onto the highway.

Good luck…

great directions…and good average speed…i always thought 2 stroke was no good for distance riding…but my hunches are proved wrong here…the last stretch of highway between the powerplant and taoyuan city(county?) is in really bad condition, pockmarked like it was hit by mini runway bombs…don’t go too fast when ur near town…other than that…this is a great ride, esp after the heavy rains prevent mountain excursions(rain also cleans the highway real nice)…

zhuwei has a fantastic seafood market, i usually try to bring a soft-collapsible cooler in my scooter if i’m headed in that direction…nothin better than pickin up some fresh seafood when i’m out there…

Most of the buses start at 5:30 or 6am and end somewhat after midnight and leave every 15-20 minutes. There might be a couple that are 24 hours, but there’s only a few flights earlier or late enough to make a difference. Prices range from TWD70-135 depending on the company. I usually take “Free Go” (the green bus with the big dog) or “Evervoyage Bus” (the other green one, same company as Evergreen/EVA) from the Xingtian Temple area. If you are near one of the larger hotels they probably have one or two airport bus lines out front. You have more choices from the Taipei Main Station or Songshan domestic airport. Guo Kwang in the cheapest at TWD70, but they have smaller seats, older buses, and not much luggage space. Plus they wind all the way through Taoyuan city and come in the back side of the airport which adds an extra 20-30 minutes to the trip.