CKS Memorial--can Chen order the guards to turn their backs?

It occurs to me that if Chen commands the military, then he is within his rights to convert the “honor guard” at the CKS memorial into a “dishonor guard.” The traditional way this is expressed is to have the soldiers turn their backs to the person (or in this case, his statue) being dishonored. What say ye?

Oops, this should have gone in Local Politics. Could I trouble someone to move it…?

Why not just order them to urinate on command? If you’re going to go over the top might as well go all the way. This half-hearted stuff doesn’t really keep me interested anymore.

“This is my rifle, this is my gun…”

I do not think it makes good sense to do something like this. Remove the statue, don’t piss on it, literally or metaphorically.

Yes it did … :smiley:

Anyways it’s a nice ‘circus’ act … they are well trained, never miss a catch …

I have a radical idea:

How about leaving everything as it is?

Right, tourist love it and Taiwan is in need of tourists … why take a gamble, a park is not that attractive to foreigners … unless it’s called Central Park and is located in NY …

Euh … or Hyde Park in London …

You can have your rifle, you can have your gun but no matter where you gonna run or hide, we gonna goin’ to smoke you out of your cells and made you a great complete nitwit of my image. Signed… Your dishourable President, Chen Shui-bian.

What do the soldiers do at Franco’s tomb in Spain? At Mussolini’s in Italy? There’s precedent.

Why have soldiers guarding it at all? Just call the soldiers off duty and leave the statue alone. Seems like the most sensible idea.

The attraction to tourists is the changing of the guards … not CKS

The troops could do synchronised spitting of binlang juice.