CLA "Summons"

First post.

I have been in Taiwan for a little less than 2 years now. I have had the same job the entire time. I just renewed my work permit at the end of 2012, in Dec. Today, my boss lets me know that a CLA officer contacted her (not sure if he came by or if he called her). The officer wants to “make an appointment” next week to speak to me “about the nature of my employment at XXX school.” She tells me it is a routine visit, but I have never heard of anything like this. I have heard of people being there while an officer came by to check, but never about an officer coming and asking to make an appointment.

Should I be worried? Is this normal? Anyone ever have anything like this happen to them before? If so, what happened? Why would they make an appointment?

More than likely normal. If they told your boss, and asked for appointment, then it’s not enforcement in nature. Actually, it’s probably more to keep your boss honest. They do audit businesses to make sure their sponsored foreign staff are where the companies claim they are, doing what the companies claim they are doing. I had a visit like this once when I was teaching a class some years back. They just showed up accompanied by my school owner who explained they just wanted to verify a few details. They had my name and particulars on a clip board and simply asked if the information was correct. They then asked me to intial beside it to verify everything listed was correct. I was told it was a visit to make sure the person they had in their records actually was working at the address given. They apologised for the inconvience and left.

I wouldn’t worry unless you have some reason you are aware of to be worried.

Thanks 80star.

Anyone else have any more feedback? Ever had an “appointment” with an officer like this? I have heard of surprise raids, but nothing like this.

I’ve been with the same employer for 17 years. Every now and then they send someone to my office to make sure that I am me.

Yes it’s normal. It happened to me some years ago.

It’s a kind of randomized spot check. Must have pulled you or your employer’s name out of the hat.

^^ This

I know one person who every few years gets a random visit to the apartment or random phone call from the foreign cops to stop by to verify they still live there.

Its really quick. The guy says, “is this you”, you say “yes”, he says OK and that’s all folks.

You guys were right.

I had the meeting yesterday, took about 5 minutes. He wanted to make sure I am, essentially who I say I am. He also wanted to make sure “my work situation is good”. He kept asking that question. I discovered I am the first and only foreigner at this particular branch of this chain school whose ARC is sponsored by his employer. The other foreigners are all married to Taiwanese ladies. Perhaps this is why he wanted to make sure everything was straight.

So he checked a box that said “No Problems” and my employer and I both had to sign it. That was that.

The only strange thing, is that he had some other paperwork that said he had met me before. He did not know where and thought it must have been at another school. However, this is the only place I have worked in Taiwan. Oh well, he did not make a big deal of it and was not sure where. Guess their paperworking skills are not the best here.

And I believe the reason he wanted to make an appointment was that I work nights; when he came by the school, during the day, I was not there.

Thanks for the replies everyone! Glad it is over.