CLA to approve all work permits?

An article in today’s Taiwan News says that from January 15 the CLA will open a new window to screen and approve all work permit applications for foreign professionals, supposedly to make sure there is better compliance with article 48 of the Employment Act. Does anybody know what that really means. Will things get easier or more difficult? Any more info on that?


Yeah, but I am sure that the MOE won’t come over and piss in that pot :wink: They much prefer to piss on people. :smiling_imp: The MOE are, in their opinion, a law unto themselves. :smiling_imp:

In short, I can’t see the MOE allowing this thing to apply to those who wish to teach. Perhaps engineers and the like will be ok but don’t hold out for fair and equal treatment of teachers.

the article mentioned lists, “technicians, teachers, coaches, performing artitsts and other professionals” . . .

The MOE are dragging their heels on this one with discussion over the complex nature of the control hand over.