Clarification of issues regarding ARC / Company ownership

Hi just have some questions regarding ARC’s and owning a company(foreign or taiwanese based)

  1. Company is registered abroad; you are the owner and representative of that company in Taiwan. Majority of revenue is earned outside Taiwan. You have your 5million NT for 1st year, obtain ARC. For subsequent years you are expected to generate revenue of X (is it 100% per year, 5million over 3 years, posts are conflicting). Is that Revenue expected to be earned within Taiwan or can you just have accounts, paperwork that prove you have generated the revenue regardless of location.

  2. Would employing Taiwanese staff alter this in any way as a branch office?

3.Say i have company X , makes enough for me to live off, majority of it’s trading outside Taiwan, I also own company Y, a Taiwan registered company, I’m the owner, CEO, I employ local staff. Company Y breaks even i.e. I’m not doing it for the money it’s more of a hobby. Can I work for; obtain ARC for company Y, could i obtain ARC for hired foreigners. For arguments sake say it’s a entertainment company and i must employ this particular person, who happens to be non-Taiwanese, i.e. i can’t use local talent for a particular position (although it would employ Taiwanese and they would outnumber the foreign employed).

  1. Lets say person x is so rich, they don’t need to work ( I wish) and they wanted to live in Taiwan, there income is based abroad(though they wouldn’t mind transferring some to Taiwanese banks). Can they obtain residency not based on work or study.