Class Mateirals for Those 'too Cool for School'

I have a new class of 6 teenage (ave. 16 yrs. old) girls who have been at the buxiguan where I work for years. Apparently, and not surprisingly I guess, they are really difficult to motivate or interest in speaking English. I’ve experienced this kind of thing before with not much success and want to be better prepared this time.

I am aware of certain techniques for conducting the classes in such a way that is conducive to all, there is plenty of advice out there. One usually has to figure this out for ones self anyway.

However, my new lessons require that I come up with stuff for us to discuss, activities to do, etc. So far, I’ve thought of a kind of ‘spin the bottle’ combined with ‘would you rather,’ where they will have to spin the bottle (which I hope will be kind of fun) and the chosen one then has to answer a ‘would you rather’ question out of a hat or something. List of questions below.

I’ve also had a look around for some stuff on Taiwanese celebrity gossip, which I figure they’d be interested in. Although there is danger in being a try-hard teacher trying to get ‘in’ with them - and just coming off ignorant and patronising, this may be better than discussing the news or stuff they may have no desire to talk about with me and especially with each other. I thought we can read it and they can come up with arguments why this certain couple should/shouldn’t get together, get them to offer advice, or something. Advice/ideas on this would be much appreciated. Projects are encouraged at this school, but I have not had much experience of doing anything that lasts beyond a lesson. I am loathe to say this is a project and have them not be interested the whole time. Any suggestions/experience on how to do this?

Link to gossip forum:

Would you rather questions (please feel free to add your own or edit those present):

Would you rather have a private jet or a private limo?
Would you rather die for someone or kill for someone?
Would You Rather be a dog or a cat
Would You Rather Be famous or be rich?
Would You Rather Be god or the devil?
Would You Rather Be an actor or a singer?
Would You Rather Lose your cell phone or your TV?
Would You Rather Bite off and eat your finger or your toe?
Would You Rather Be eaten by ants or be eaten by lions?
Would You Rather Have a brother or a sister?
Would You Rather Have an LG cell phone or a Motorola?
Would You Rather Be a girl dressed as a boy or a boy dressed as a girl?
Would You Rather be really tall or be really short?
Would You Rather Go on a date with Brad Pitt or Johnny Depp?
Would You Rather Go on a date with Ming Dao or Xiao Zhu?

Your additional ideas, experience and suggestions very welcome!
Perhaps this thread could serve as a resource for people to share their ideas.

Leave it open ended with, “Why?” at the end. Make them produce more than a one or two word answer.

good point. Will do!