Classes at the Mandarin Training Center

I plan on going back to Taiwan this February and studying Chinese for 5 years. Last time I was in Taiwan, I also studied at MTC. Yet, I’ve forgotten what the schedules are like for them. I’m wondering if there are plenty of classes at all levels offered in the morning and afternoon. Does anyone know the answer to this. The reason why I’m asking is because I’m going to apply for a job at Hess to teach English and support myself. Are all, or most of all the classes at MTC offered both in the morning and afternoon?


Yes, MTC offer many Mandrain learning programs, including morning and afternoon. Or maybe you can try MLC, it’s not far from MTC. They also offer many different programs. They even can give you individual class. That means you can decide what time you want to learn and how many times a week. It’s more flexible.


MLC got more classes so it’s easier to schedule together with your class, but you have to put up with an administration that have no interest in providing service to their students. If you have a problem you will need to contact friends that can help you out. MLC don’t want to see you if you are going to ask questions.

I’m so fed up with MLC now that I am changing to MTC.

MLC just like what you said. But in my opinion MLC have the better teachers than MTC. Actually, I’ve joined these two centers’ programs. Although MTC is most people first choice, it’s too old to offer new and various classes. And the teachers there are very old. My friends changed to MLC after they finished the MTC class. Of course, there are advantages and disadvantages in every place. I also have the individual class experience. So if you don’t have the visa problem, I’ll recommend you to think about individual class. I also can recommend some good teachers for you.