Classes in Tam Shui

I just moved to Tam Shui and I’m looking for a school to take morning classes. I studied for eight months at buxiban in the city, but I was wondering if anyone knows a school that’s a little closer to where I’m living. Any information would be appreciated.

Geographically, I’m thinking Fujen (in Hsinchuang) or CLI (China Language Institute) in Tienmu…anybody else have any ideas? Both would be a bit of a hike, but better than downtown Taipei.

For a person living in Tam Shui, I think that Fujen would be a bit far.

Or . . . . . . . maybe he/she could rent a small room in Hsinchuang, attend classes during the week, and come back to Tam Shui on Friday night for the weekend.

Not that far if you nip over the bridge and down through Luchou…if you went through Taipei it would be…but really the poster should pick the most convenient location (or relatively convenient) as language schools are much the same IMHO, differing mainly in location and tuition, not quality or materials or methods.

I think Tien Mu might be my best bet then, seeing that I have to rely on public transportation. Do you know the address to CLI in Tien Mu? Thanks a lot!

How about TLI in Shilin ? Is that close to the MRT ?