Classic Nickelodeon

Granted this is of relevance to a limited number of forumosans although maybe more since many of these were imports from other countries, but how many of you all have been fortunate enough to have experience Nickelodeon when it first came on the air with all its super cool shows back in the 80’s and 90’s such as The Little Prince, Mr. Wizard, You Can’t Do That on Television, Dangermouse, Heathcliff, Belle and Sebastian, Pinwheel, Inspector Gadget, then later shows like Roundhouse, The Adventures of Pete and Pete, The Noozles, Welcome Freshmen, Are You Afraid of the Dark, Allegra’s Window, David the Gnome, Clarissa Explains It All, and [color=blue]Salute Your Shorts (!! :smiley: !!) [/color] ? Oh my gosh! My little sister e-mailed me this website which has some of the theme songs to these programs (as if just reading the titles didn’t already bring back nostalgia) along with a petition to bring these programs back, if only as an independent channel.

“Shush Pinfold” was a very common saying in my house when I was little and I still have my Heathcliff stuffed animal in my old bedroom back home(although I had inexplicably renamed it Osbert). I can still sing the opening theme from Salute Your Shorts (and the little added lines as well) as well as the characters like Donkey Lips, Michael, Sponge (my favorite), Dina, Zz, Telly, Ug, and the omniscent camp director and am still dying to find out what an “Awful Waffle” entails (only got an idea when someone was blamed for breaking Telly’s glasses). I would watch them with my little sister (thus why she sent me the link) after I came home from kindergarten and with my mother as well at night and on weekends.
If these programs have any significance to you as well, please share.