Classic posts


Definitely a classic Mucha Man. Had me laughing all over again. Blueface made a fortune out of that scam, mostly from sandman.


Yeah, he saw me coming and no mistake. Fucking "Toothbrush of Frank" indeed! In fact it belonged to some guy named Kenneth. Almost totally worthless. :fume:


Read a [url= today by seeker4. It's stuff like this that keeps me trolling the boards. Too few and far between these days.


I also truly liked this post. They are fewer appart partly because you haven't been posting much Sir. :wink:



Here's one from Tom Hill


If this gem first written in these pages by Comrade Stalin and repeated often by many others is not a classic, then I don't know what is.




Definitely. :sunglasses: I've got a few additions I'll make when I've got the time, and the above is definitely a Forumosa classic. It should probably go on the back of a t-shirt. :laughing:


This one is in my opinion a true classic. I'm sure Forumosa is proud to have posters from all walks of life and for good reasons I think. It makes this site simply interesting.

For this classic, I suggest the following title: ImaniOU's Rant



Thanks for the recommendation. I'll add this to the Classic Post list once I have a look at the post (I checked, it's a long one) or if a moderator tells me they agree with you to add it on



Thanks Gus.

I see that the post hasn't been made a classic yet and I'm thinking the same as my last recommendation, it will not happen. What does it take to be a classic? You've got a handful of classic posts and thousands of archived posts.

There's been a lot of talk about racism on Forumosa and sometimes it creates tensions as you know unless a post is written in good spirit. I think that the above mentioned post is a classic and I hope someone can acknowledge that and do something about it or else that's the last time I'll participate in this thread and recommend a post to be made a classic. Not a big loss to anyone I guess.

My last recommendation was for one of Sandman's hilarious post and that was overlooked as well. Why would I bother with this Classic Posts idea?

I appreciate your response but maybe next time you could take the time to read the proposed posts before you reply in this thread.




I'll chirp in since this was my idea....

Some time ago it became apparent to some of us that a lot of really inspired, wise, witty stuff was being buried in an avalanche of the mundane; hence was born the classic posts thread.

Since then though it has become obvious that classic to me or you might not be classic to the other guy, or vice versa. For example quite a few people thought that the pictures of "gems" stolen from Iraq was a classic. To me it was a repetition of the same joke over and over again.

Truth is it could take us a year to come up with a definition of classic and in the meantime the classic thread will become just like any other.

I'm going to get slaughtered for this but I think the classic thread needs a single moderator who can be trusted to recognize quality. If that moderator was me I'd probably delete half of what is in here now and replace it with posts like this (from Imaniou)...

I'd probably fill it with a lot of extreme silliness as well since that is what I happen to like and so do quite a few other people apparently.

Anyway I suppose what it will take to make this thing work is enough commitment to make it an actual forum rather than just a thread and then appoint a moderator. Sandman is probably the best qualified.


Hi bobpine

I recognize your frustration, and I apologize for it. I have only excuses to explain why I haven't taken the time to review the post and then decide whether to add it to the list.

The problem has to do with time (or lack of it). In about an hour I meet Maoman for an Admin's meeting, and addressing this lack of time is the primary purpose of our agenda.

I hope you will not stop recommending Classic Posts. Frankly, I count on you, bob, and the 'regular Forumosan regulars' to bring these to our attention. Half of the Classic Posts listed were recommended by people who were not moderators or admins.

It seems natural that advocacy from a moderator or admin be required before a Classic Post is recognized. But what happens when the 30-odd people who watch over the forums do not have the time to champion a Classic Post submission?

bob, your idea for a Forum for Classic Posts would make more sense to me if it did not mean "removing" the posts from their home forums. "Moved:" discussion links do not record post and view numbers in the original forum, so I would discourage playing around with this.

Since the Classic Posts page actually resides in our blog, we can assign writer status to someone who is interested in building and maintaining that page. This means a separate login ID for that person.

A part from assigning a Classic Posts archivist, are there any other suggestions for how to recognize cool threads in Forumosa? You can post here, PM me or send me e-mail at gus @


bobepine, I've read the post already and I'll add it to the Classic Posts page. Thank you for the recommendation :notworthy:

Look out for it in a few hours - I must prepare for my meeting with Maoman and still have a full schedule ahead today. Cheers, g.


Wow am I a freaking airhead! You and maoman are basically moderating the blog already. In honour of my lastest brain fart I recommend the following as a classic post. ... highlight=

It doesn't really get rolling till about page two or so but when it does.. well, even then it is kind of scattered, but I like it anywho.


Here's one from bismark, other posters nominated the post and I agree. ... &&start=30

While I'm here, this one is also a classic IMO(Actually three posts in this thread are classics but they could be linked together in the blog as they are in the same thread.)


And this one from trapjaw is without a doubt a classic.




I second the nomination for bismarck's post.


Thanks, bobepine. I'll try to archive them tonight or tomorrow! :notworthy:


I nominate this one from Tash:




I nominate Miltownkid's post from
Lockem' All Up

(how do you link directly to a specific post if it's no the first one?)

Thanks DB!


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