Classic posts


I nominate this post by jdsmith in the category of "the most romantic thing one poster has said to another without any ultirior motive or intention to shag": ... 46&start=0


I nominate this one by Josefus:


I so second that. :notworthy:


I've joined the elite.
All of a sudden the grey skys outside look a little bluer today. :slight_smile:


In honor of the local media this post/thread has attracted, I nominate the same for Classic Post/thread designation.


Absolutely! :bravo:


Quirky has nominated 4nr's post on Ray Cline, CIA and Taiwan History for classic status. I concur. It's just the sort of thing I like to see posted in Culture and History and on Forumosa in general.


I nominate the Canadians thread and this post by Mod Lang in particular for the classics!


Read bob's post on page 1 of this thread: ... c&&start=0

Why? Go read it for yourself. You have to read Monster's posts as well to be in context. If you ask me both Monster and bob wrote classics in that thread.

I would like for bob's post especially to be classicisticated because it was his idea, this Classic Posts thing and because he writes a lot of classics as far as my personal preferences go.




[url= nominate this post by Ironman for Classic Post status[/url].

:laughing: :bravo:


I'd love to see this thread reach classic status: ... c&&start=0


I nominate this one by Citizen K, on the topic of "Letting Go". ... 060#573060


I second that, and have PM'd Erhu on it, as she's the only mod who can add the code. (Other than admins, of course)


Chewy deserves some kudos for this jolt of reality...although I do not agree 100%...I am with him 85% of the way or more...depending on my mood. ... &start=100


From the thread=English Teachers thought of as professional drop outs


I must say, this is probably the most level-headed, genuine and well thought out post about English teachers I've ever read on Forumosa. I dislike English teachers bashing but that's different. That's black and white intelligence. I second Nama's nomination for llary's post without hesitation. :bravo:


I nominate Happy Father's Day (Aug 8)! post for Classic Post status.


ac_dropout's post is absolutely brilliant. One of the funniest posts I've ever read. ... ht=#599019


Class post nomination here for smell the glove: ... 572#613572


That post could be considered for serious publishing material for Hustler...or Top 10 magazine. :bravo: