Classical Voice in Taiwan?

I’m looking for any info on teachers of classical voice, or just any general info on opera studies, groups or friends who love opera and/or classical voice.
I’ve not had too much luck finding information on the classical arts there in Taiwan. As I plan to move there soon, I would appreciate any resources or leads…

Trinity College of Music and Royal College of Music are both in Taiwan, but the info I could find is in Chinese so they may be places you can contact when you get here and have help to read their information (I am pretty sure they have English speakers in both schools, Trinity College also has a language center).

Some universities also have good music schools, I had a student who majored in opera and when we went to Germany she sang opera for us all while we were on a Rhine River trip, wonderful! Again, I think it will be a matter of asking when you get here.

There are so many classical performances here, many at very reasonable ticket prices, and I am sure you could meet people by asking at the National Theater at CKS Memorial Hall, too. You can pick up a monthly program for performances at most MRT stations.