Classification of a Bushiban

I was recently told that Bushibans are not companies and they aren’t schools. What are they then? The CLA said they were a company and I know before that they were classified as private language schools.

This is important because under current labor insurance laws if it is a school or a company with 5 or more employees, then they must provide the teachers with labor insurance.

Does anybody know what the current “understanding is?”

Do you actually want labor insurance? I had it for awhile, but always wondered if I would be able to collect if something ever happened. So I got my secretary to call the labor bureau and ask. They said that they didn’t know for sure, but most likely foreigners would not be able to get anything out of it. So I had my secretary try to cancel my labor insurance.

Now this is funny…

They refused to cancel my labor insurance! My secretary said “So you are telling me that because he is a foreigner he won’t be able to use it, and he is not allowed to cancel it?” To which the clerk said “Yes!”

After a lot of phone calls and the usual yadda yadda I finally got it cancelled.

Well to be honest, yes, I do. I have one 3-year old and another child on the way. If I were to get hurt, we would be out a substantial amount of money.

The issue is that when I asked my boss if I could get it, he said that it wasn’t mandatory and therefore he wouldn’t provide it. Under the current laws, it states a company or a private language school must provide labor insurance. He said that a bushiban is neither a company nor a private language school.

What I want is a legal, not biased, understanding of what it is. I believe that if I Chinese teacher is protected if they get hurt, that I also should be protected. Why? Because I have a family also!

Is it classified under Article 6 or Article 8 of the labor laws? Article 6 is mandatory, but under Article 8 is optional.

The easiest thing for you to do might be to purchase your own insurance. I’ve got life, cancer, accident and salary-replacement(for lack of a better word). Not that cheap, but my wife and I are protected far more than what the government provides.

Never ever make the mistake of demanding the government treat you the same as a local, especially when you are talking about your family. Morally and ethically you are right, but it’s dangerous to put your faith in the letter of the law, when it’s the government’s interpretation of that law that matters.

Dangerous, I’m curious about your private insurance, would you mind telling me where you got it and roughtly how much you pay for it?

My wife got it all set up for me, and for the life of me I can’t remember the company’s name right now…I think it might be Shin Kong but I’m just not sure. I pay around NT$25,000 per year and have pretty much every kind of possible misfortune covered. If this is a rip-off I’d love to know.