Classification of Voice-Recording Work?

How is voice-recording work classified in the Taiwan tax system?

On the “koujiao pingdan,” for example, writing and translation work can fall under the 9-B (“gao fei”) category.

But what about voice-recording work? Should it be classified as 9-B as well or just as “income”?

Thanks for the help.

Well … I hate to state the obvious, but …

The company you are doing the work for should have full details on how this is classified in the Taiwan tax system. Ask their accounting dept. personnel.

Thanks, Richard.

But the companies that I do freelance recording work for all have different stories from their accouning departments.

Some say that recording work should be classified as “salary” while others say that it can be classified as “9-a.” Very few companies will classify it as “9-b.” A “9-b” classification is the most advantageous for freelancers.

So, what I’m asking for is information from people out there who have also done voice-overs and recording work. How did the companies classify this work? What box was checked on the tax form they sent you?

Ironlady? Anyone else out there?

Sorry, I was playing hooky this weekend. :smiley:

I used to get the same runaround from accounting departments – they truly do not know what the appropriate classification is.

I have gotten them as “salary”, however. I’ve also sometimes gotten them as “performance” and sometimes as “gao fei”. Depends on how good your relations with the recording studio or publisher or company are, I guess. Sorry I don’t have a more definitive answer. I do remember “performance” but that might have had to do with some video I was involved in one year.

The “gao fei” category of course allows a substantial deduction, which is nice, so ask for it if you can convince them. :smiley:

Exactly. That “gao fei” (9-b) deduction is nice. :laughing:

I’ll work on convincing the accounting departments to use this category, but some seem to be more amenable to this, while others are adamant in classify this work they way that (they think) is “correct.”

Thanks for the info, Ironlady!

I’ve always found the nice ladies in the Tax Office quite helpful and not at all judgmental…I’d ask them what the proper category is, and, if you began the process early enough, ask them to just give the various accounting departments that failed to classify your income correctly (assuming the answer is 9a or 9b) a short call to explain to them how they will be re-issuing the koujiao pindans in the right way. If you have enough time to get them redone before filing your taxes, it might be worthwhile.

Always make friends with the tax ladies…I used to get the same one every year (just accidentally, too!) for like six years in a row. Helped me with a lot of stuff, including getting the right docs to take a sizable deduction for supporting my elderly parents. (Cue the violins!)