Classroom for use at LazerTreks

Hey teachers,

My name’s Brian, I am the current supervisor of LazerTreks ( We are a laser-tag entertainment facility, but we also have some facilities that are very suitable for teaching. One of these is our classroom/meeting room, it is a large multi-media room that can seat up to 40 people, has a projector, DVD player, computer, stereo system and numerous white boards and other teaching equipment.

We have recently started to occasionally rent this room out to the cram schools and other schools for use. Because we are primarily a laser-tag facility we also have several teaching-gaming-fun programs that we have put together. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me directly, go to our website or call LazerTreks.

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cool - I have long been an advocate of using tazar in the classroom - I mean any misdemeanor and a short sharp shock from my tazar would make the student toe-line

Do you have screen dividers so that 3 teachers can share this facility?

How much would it be and do you have to pay per use of the Tazar or is it unlimited use?

I’m just so happy to know others want to use tazar on their students too - where do i sign up?