Classy campaigning

After Ma Ying-jeou made a remark about how his father’s and grandfather’s final resting places are in Taiwan, Chen Shui-bian actually sent someone to go find a way into a private area and read the urn containing Ma’s father’s ashes, so that Chen could criticize the wording on the urn to attack Ma. :noway:

I thought the Kaohsiung KMT chapter’s “Ta ma de zhende ai Taiwan” was a little rough, but this is just downright tacky and tasteless.

Several more months of this BS to go…

I wonder if Ma Yingjiu will refuse to use soundtrucks, as he so admirably did in the last mayoral election? That would be neat.

He’s not called Greaseball for nothing. What an odious schmuck. A pathetic excuse for a man indeed.

C’mon, both sides are just getting warmed up. Have there been any Hitler comparisons recently? What’s a Taiwan political campaign without Hitler references?

He may revel in appealing to the basest sentiments of his party faithful, but he’ll only repel the neutral voters whose choice will determine the outcome of the election.

Exceedingly vile and tasteless, but nothing new or unusual.

Wasn’t that long ago that Cindy Sheehan was being raked over the coals for campaigning against the war before a tomb stone was placed at her son’s grave.

CSB never let’s me down in this department.

The sick man of Tainan is a petty low scumbag. Not even LTH will lower himself to such substandards.

[quote=“Jaboney”]Exceedingly vile and tasteless, but nothing new or unusual. [/quote]Thta the way the game is played. [quote=“Jaboney”]Wasn’t that long ago that Cindy Sheehan was being raked over the coals for campaigning against the war before a tomb stone was placed at her son’s grave.[/quote]Not exactly…it was questioned why she had received the monies for a grave marker and none was erected. Meanwhile she was repeatedly calling “press conferences” at the grave sight, and bemoaning the ‘uncaring manner’ in which the soldiers and families were being treated.
A bit of media, non-MSM, investigation into the facts of the matter led to a marker finally being put in place. About 14 months or so later.

Normal time for a veterans marker being put in place is about 1 - 3 months, based on my personal observations. Sometimes even less.

Just 145 days until the election on March 22. What a blessed relief that will be!

[quote]Exceedingly vile and tasteless, but nothing new or unusual.

I guess being sentenced to prison for a year and having your wife rundown twice by a truck for your political beliefs is tainted with the sweet aroma of rose water.

These guys are fighting for what they believe in and it has a history. Checking out what an ex-KMT legislator and advisor to Cash-My-Check had written on his burial urn doesn’t sound so onerous to me.

They are for Taiwan Independence, personally I don’t think it is possible, but I don’t begrudge them giving it a nudge. Family ties are strong in China. Regional affinity (to a hometown or province in China) has been the corner stone of many overseas Chinese building lives and businesses. It is not unreasonable to assume that someones dieing wish would be reunification and it isn’t a long stretch to believe a son would share that belief, but seeing it etched in stone makes it all the more apparent.

I hereby declare that any person alive can view my epitaph.

Here’s a few actual ones for your bemused amusement:

Here lies the body
of Jonathan Blake
Stepped on the gas
Instead of the brake.

Here lays Butch,
We planted him raw.
He was quick on the trigger,
But slow on the draw.

I was somebody.
Who, is no business
Of yours.

Here lies one Wood
Enclosed in wood
One Wood
Within another.
The outer wood
Is very good:
We cannot praise
The other.

We ain’t seen nothing yet.

I find it a little hypocritical that people think Chen Shui-bian’s comments were inappropriate and then proceed to hurl muck at President Chen. You are welcome to disagree with him, but please do it a little more intelligently rather than just making stupid unjustified comments about his character.

I find it amusing that we have to hold the president up to the etiquette standards of an Internet forum.

I’m sure he’s really concerned with non voting furriners as well. :unamused: :unamused:

So what is the fuss all about?

A) Ma says that homeland is where a man feels like home, but everyone knows that Chinese people traditionally hold very deep feelings about China, and, for most, China is homeland, no matter where they are. He goes on saying that his father is buried in Taiwan, and that is where homeland is for him (or something like that)…
B) CSB hears this story (or someone around him), and previously knowing what Ma’s daddy urn has written (which is a political statement, not something to the family), and tells to the people (he even took the shameful act of sending someone to verify it, which is against all common journalistic and political modus operandi of saying without checking) that what Ma says is utterly BS, as it is simply against the traditional feelings Chinese people have. And most of all, it is nothing more than propaganda on an urn (what a bad place to put it…).

So this is Ma’s propaganda, right? Right? Not his dad’s. Right?

Well, all things being considered, it is a step up from re-intering the family bones to fuck up perceptions of/reality of the family feng shui, which is what the commies did to Cash-My-Cheque’s mum. So all in all, it’s cool, these people are evolving, slowly, but evolving nonetheless.


Ma was most likely a spy for the KMT when he attended Harvard. It’s hard to believe he wasn’t. He’s got a lot to live down. That’s how innocent people got thrown out of building windows.
Ma is one of those guys whose had it all all their lives. It is celebrated in Taiwan but it counts for nothing. He’s about as gritty as a strawberry gelata.

FOX! Mate, in so many ways I’m with you, but I really do think Ma has stepped outside the familial comfort zone so often that he really deserves another look.

It sortta sucks, but he’s actually the best show in town just now.


Oh, interesting to see some dissent in the marsupial camp. Wombat turned on the koala - fur flying this way and that.

Chen’s comments about Ma’s old man really are below the belt.

God, when I think back to how happy i was on election night in 2000 (in fact I was so happy I drank a lot). Now, I would be happy to see Ma as the president.