Clazziquai Project Vol. 2 - Color of Your Soul

Clazziquai Project Vol. 2 - Color of Your Soul

This is a fantasic trio from South Korea, heard them the other day on MTV ASIA, BuzzAsia show, the female singer is GREAT! Anybody know where one can hear the song “Hold Your Breath” or “Color Your Soul” from this new CD in South Korea. Can we buy this in Taiwan?

The best group I have heard in a long long time, and this lady can sing! … umid=11615

Unfortunately, I can’t really help you about purchasing their music, though I do agree that they’re a good listen. Haven’t heard their new release though.

You can buy them in Taiwan for about the same price as in Korea.

do you have a link we can listen online to a few of the songs, esp the new one: COLOR OF SOUL?

I used to, but it got shut down. They have a song called “Nova Bossa”. I like it a lot, but can’t find it on the internet anymore. Sorry