CLD? Sticklers for attendance?

Sorry to milk a dead cow here, but for those of you who have studied at the CLD, how strict are they with attendance? Say that I take a group class (Mon. - Fri., 2 hours each day), but I only attend 3 days per week (not because I’m a lingual savant, mind you :unamused: ). Will the staff definitely mark me as absent?

I did roughly the same there for a couple of years without any kind of problems. Occasionally I saw the girls ring up students about coming to class, but if you’re around 80%, you won’t have probs (although you’re at 60%).

Well, heck, Amos, even Shi-Da lets you miss 25% per month. The MOE allows 10 hours of absence per month; typically a full classload is 40 hours per month. I’ve tried asking CLD what their policy is, but they aren’t very up-front about it and I’m not sure how to interpret that (truth or keeping up appearances).

Thanks for the info. Maybe I’ll see ya at CLD one of these days.

I studied in a group class at CLD roughly a year ago and they certainly didn’t mind if people didn’t turn up (as long as you pay …)

That said if you want only 3 days a week choose a class for 3 days a week. If CLD doesn’t offer one enquire at Mandarin Daily News Language center near Kuting, they do 3 days a week classes.

Actually I don’t even go there anymore, but when I did, I opted for one on one classes 3 times a week, and did them for about 1 and a half years before finishing my spell with another year or so in the group class. A tad more expensive yes, but I was raking in the cash so it didn’t bother me.

Officially you’re able to miss 4 classes a month, and have to go 5 days a week for group class but there is (or at east used to be) an option of 3 dyas a week for private classes and somehow CLD used to count up to 3 students as a private class. I attended for a year missing every Thursday, of course I sometimes missed other days, and it was a matter of signing the next day, but they’re alittle r4eluctant to do this as they try and keep things above board, but after a few months I was able to slack off, and I’ve known peopel who have been going a long time, but now rarely show up for class.


That’s exactly right Brian.