"Clean" soap/shower gel


I’d like to know if it’s possible to find a “clean” - for the lack of better word - shower gel or soap here. By clean I mean free of assorted additives such as perfumes, colourants and parabens. Back in UK I was using Sanex:

I don’ t speak/read Mandarin so even though there seem to be a lot of choice in the supermarkets and shops, I have little clue as to what they are. Please note I’m not after any “health” options - such as products which claim to be organic or “nourishing” or scrubs designed to help with acne and so on (unless they actually fit the above “clean” criteria too)

Any advice most appreciated.




This stuff is close to being pure soap. No scents, no coloring, etc. The pH is a little high, so good if you’ve got oily skin and not so good for dry skin. The older generation used it to bathe with and even wash their hair, but these days it’s mostly used for hand-washing clothes. You can find it at any supermarket, and it’s quite cheap.



Thanks, but I should’ve add that I do indeed have a dry skin, plus a heap of conditions to go with it (rosacea, etc), so looking for a low PH, non-soapy soap. I guess, more of a shower gel then.



You’ll save time by simply ordering from iHerb. I like the Kirk’s brand for shampoo and soap. You might give those products a try.



I’ve bought these at Costco in Taiwan. Their stock changes all the time though. My dermatologist recommends cetaphil https://tw.iherb.com/pr/cetaphil-gentle-cleansing-bar-4-5-oz-127-g/70249?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIkLOcpL_C1wIVTAQqCh082QeQEAAYASAAEgIkhfD_BwE



A friend of mine imports products from New Zealand. http://www.bestanz.com/ I like this one. http://www.bestanz.com/product/bodywash-250ml/



I use the French stuff from the organic stores. Seems expensive at firts but teh thing lasts forever, you only use a bit each time and it is really nice. They have boby soap, shampoo, hand soap, etc… Bars are cheaper, but I think the liquid is more economic.

And I will give name or pic after I get home.

This one for hands:

Same brand for the rest of the body.

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Well i guess Dove Beauty Bar is “cleanish” because doctors apparently recommend it so idk. Its an option.



I have sensitive skin and I’ve been using Sebamed for years. It’s pH balanced at 5.5, no parabens, smells nice, and one of these big pump bottles lasts me several months. It’s one of a few different products I use by them. I’ll probably stay loyal to the brand for as long as I live. You can find it in Taiwan at Watsons, Poya, Cosmed…almost anywhere that sells toiletries.

I guess the only thing is it does have a fragrance. But all things considered, it’s a good soap.

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good but hella expensive. Go to Costco you can get it in bulk