Cleaning bike handles

My bike has been in the underground parking for about two years. I took it out but the rubber handles are really sticky, the kind that stays on your hands even after washing. Any tips on how to clean them, or should I just replace them. Thanks

Hot/warm water and extra strong degreasing dish soap work pretty well. Finish off with alcohol wipes.

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Thanks, I’ll try it out

Try some of these tips

Do you think the alcohol used to clean hands will work, I know it’s not 90%.
If not, do you know where to buy that 90%?

Do you know where to buy this? XiaoBei I’m guessing?

I’d give it a shot, you can also buy 85% alcohol in pharmacies, usually comes in a brown glass bottle.

Any shop or supermarket, just get normal dish washing liquid (not the organic or fruit friendly stuff).

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New handles. If it’s rubber it’s disintegrating and will stay sticky.


Replace it. There’s no point trying to fix it. If the rubber turned sticky no amount of cleaning will fix it.

It is likely to do with some solvent or plasticizer within the rubber reacting and turning sticky.

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I’ll save you the headache of trying to get those old grips off, it’s an absolute ballache if you don’t know some fancy techniques as shown in this video

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Just replace it… They’re cheap and the scooter shop will change it in a matter of minutes.

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