Cleaning (or disposing) old cloth furniture

I have a chair with some stains that look like this (attached image). I want to move out within a few months and would probably leave it there, it’s big and bothersome. Probably less painful to clean with some cheap foam thing than to throw away.

I think it gets that brown discoloration from sweat basically.

Call 1999, tell them you have a furniture to dispose of. They will arrange a time to collect it. When they give you the time, move it to the curb and they will take it.

Alternatively you could leave it by the curb and maybe someone will take it, but that’s illegal and you could be hit with a fine if someone reports you.

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So, cleaning is not practical?
I’d like to give it a shot first, the chair is not bad, shame to waste I think.
If not for the stains the owner would be happier to have it.

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I thought OP was asking for how to clean it.