Cleaning up HTML

Where can I find one of those online tools that will help me clean up my HTML and get stuff aligned nicely?

Here’s the location of the various forms of the essential HTML Tidy (freeware!):

If you have double-byte characters, be sure to set the encoding to “raw.”

An on-line version is here: (use “view source” after your page comes up)

Yes, Yes… I know you said “free online” services… but I’d like to post this for other ppl’s benefit as well I guess…

You can also clean up your HTML in Dreamweaver. It does a rather nice job in checking for repeating, orphaned or make-no-sense tags.

Thank you both!

Arachnaphilia, though long in the tooth, also does a very decent job of code tidying, allows different indent levels, and has IMHO better analysis of code. It’s ‘careware’.

Thanks, I’ve come across that one before.