Cleaning Up

Is the forum pretty much ‘fixed’ now? If so, may I suggest a bit of a clean-up? I’ve thought for a long time that there’s way too many sticky posts and announcements. I mean why has the announcement of a new Orthodox Church been here for a year or so?

Also a few of the threads in the open forum could be merged. Why are there two mamoth newspaper threads? And there’s about 5 war in Iraq threads. I can see how sometimes people want to start a new thread to explore a different aspect o the topic, but after it gets ot being basically the same topic, couldn’t they be merged?

I’m still getting ‘invalid_session’ messages about 10% of the time I want to post.


I don’t see Gus in the forums lately. I guess he is busy somewhere else. I wish we had some more programmers to act as second and third administrators in a technical manner. I get the “Invalid_session” also, but that is because of the new phpBB version. It is not due to any bugs as we have discussed in other threads.