Clear evidence of adultery can't win a conviction in Taiwan!

Looks like the adultery law will come before the supreme court this week.


Of course they wait til an infectious disease is stopping people from making out to do this. Timing is everything.

The news story title talks about democracy. Well I think most Taiwan still think Marriage is important as very few people have kids unmarried so the laws fit the democratic rule. The few people that had single mom, it was a father married (I thought this might go away, but seems still happening).

This thread is/was surprisingly interesting. Thanks to the OP.

One question though, is this “video evidence” available for download? :stuck_out_tongue:

Dude…this was 10 years ago!

I was joking, but yeah, another problem with threads from ages ago continually popping up on the main page. I wish all the threads would just disappear after a reasonable length of time has passed.

It didn’t “just pop up”, I made a post in it.


I agree with the adultery law if it is applied to both parties equally. You made a legal promise to remain faithful, stick to it. If you don’t want to stick to it, get divorced not sneak around on someone else. I guess that would be the next complaint, the divorce laws being quite strict.

I can see the virtue in that part but the law also punishes the 3rd party (the person cheated with). That’s very weird imho. Also prison seems very harsh.

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I think that Times Three means that really old threads frequently appear in the suggested links panel at the bottom. IDK, I have found some gems in there, including some absolute twaddle I wrote many years ago. Refreshing to see that I have not changed much.


I guess it is discouragement for ‘homewreckers’ to be able to mess around without impunity. Jail is ridiculous, should be a huge fine only for both parties.

back to 2020. could this really be a thing? married couple tries to make easy money so they go out dating horny guys/girls and then sue them for adultery? that would be hecking scary, not for me. just a friend who’s worried :whistle:


It can be pretty shocking when you come across some of that stuff.

Imagine two couples with same strategy face each other by chance. :rofl:


I think it should be grounds for divorce, but nothing else.

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a wise judge would rule to switch spouses. whatever couple holds out longer gets the compensation money.

In NA, someone can cheat and still feel entitled to half the other persons shit in divorce.
Taiwan tries to keep it traditional.

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Not exactly that scenario but I’ve read about a bunch of badger game cases happening in Hong Kong and China. Pretty sure the scenario you described has happened too.

Also, Japan has several laws about adultery too, one of them being that you can sue a person you have sexual intercourse with if they fail to disclose that they are married.

Some boss reporting on the topic by Noah Buchan at the Taipei Times, with lots of detail on why this part of the criminal code should be changed:



A nice summary from Brian Hioe at New Bloom discussing the upcoming constitutional court decision: