Cliché Presents Aeroplane - (Aeropop / BEL) - April 12th

After Breakbot and its stellar set, The Cliche Records team are proud to present AEROPLANE - a musical maestro who has not only led the way and been a pioneer of the international Nu Disco scene, but also redefined the shape of what it means to play for a dance party - creating soundscapes that cross eras and styles with an artistic opening that is original, surprising and physically felt as the stuff that creates a sense of spaciousness, turning revellers into astronauts as they cruise through his trademark experience.

Now producing under his own label ‘Aeropop’ has climbed mountains to show us, his audience, as well as fellow artists - a new way of cutting the craftmanship of a set, which has fast put him on the map as an original talent, resulting in his work being snapped up and remixed by the likes of supercool Frenchman BREAKBOT (who slapped Taiwans ass last january!) who remixed a beautiful version of ‘Without Lies,’ The Krays who remixed ‘Superstar,’ and Rex the Dog who gave their special treatment to ‘My Enemy.’

His own remixes of Grace Jones (William’s Blood), Friendly Fires (Paris), and Sebastien Teller’s much loved track (Kilometer), have given him a recognisible signature that ensures music lovers are conquered much more deeply than on the dancefloor. His music is music that makes you think, and takes you somewhere else, out of yourself and beyond. Into the limitless sky of musics possibilities. Unlike his debut album, the excellent ‘We Can’T Fly’ - we ask you to get your disco diaries out and pencil in this one rare occasion when you can expect to do just that. Join us for a night of high altitude beauty on the dancefloor. Music to fall in love with music to, and each other. Lets spin this dancefloor. Cliche-records - delivering the best parties to your doorstep.

來自比利時,本名Vito De Luca所化身的個人單位"Aeroplane"是近幾年Nu DIsco與Indie Dance/House樂壇最炙熱的指標製作人之一,出道以來陸續為Rapture、Breakbot、Chromeo、Processory、Rex The Dog、Friendly Fires、The Krays (Brodinski+Yuksek)、Mix Hell、Grace Jones以及Sebastien Tellier等人製作了多首動人的單曲混音,而他的多首個人創作單曲更是受到Pete Tong、Busy P等一線製作人/DJ一致推崇與喜愛。他的的風格混合了french House、Cosmic Disco、Soulful Disco、Nu Disco作為個人風格印記,並以70~80年代的italo、Electronia、House、Pop、R&B等多種元素作為創作取樣素材,呈現出超凡的個人品味,灌入復古摩登、流行與前衛兼具的動感節奏。2009年、Aeroplane也受邀成為英國BBC RADIO 1 Essential Mix第500集的特別來賓,並在利物浦進行了DJ實況演出錄音,而後開始在英國樂壇獲得極大好評。

Aeroplane的首張專輯We Can‘t Fly更是樂界為人樂道的一張作品,內斂穩重的製作實力也讓所收錄的多首作品邀來多位看板DJ/製作好手包括Green Velvet 、Oliver、The Glimmer、Cassius、Joakim、Black Van、Tiger & Wood、Louis La Roche等人力挺炮製獨特的混音單曲版本,瞬間風靡了整個歐洲獨立跳舞圈。當然,Aeroplane幫多位藝人所製作的Remix混音更是他獨步樂壇的焦點之一,像是為Human League再製而成的Never Let Me Go (Aeroplane Remix)還有日前受到Cliche Records邀請訪台的Breakbot首張單曲Baby I’m Yours (Aeroplane Remix)以及法國搖滾電舞指標Yuksek 的大熱單曲The Edge (Aeroplane Remix)和英倫金童Alex Metric的Rave Weapon (Aeroplane Remix)。這些作品經由Aeroplane的巧手混音之後都迅速成為Nu Disco樂壇的大熱單曲,也在派對被Hot Chip、A-Trak、The Magician、Felix Da Housecat、Birdy Nam Nam、Brodinski、Kavinsky、DJ Mehdi、Alex Metric、Gigamesh、Todd Terje等眾多一線DJ的演出之中被播放著,成為眾多樂迷們的大合唱必備曲目之一。

而Aeroplane更持續著他的創作和DJ演出,除了日前為德國新人注目樂隊Pool所製作的混音作品"Flex"以及參與Kris Menace自身單位Compuphonic的混音單曲"Sunset"也已經問世之外,累積了堅強的製作功力之後,Aeroplane在2012年創立了自身的獨立唱片廠牌“Aeropop”,期待能夠在往後帶給樂迷更多好聽的音樂。


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