Clickable Rows (For Forumosa iPad users)

Here is a little gift for the Tablet users among us: instead of having to click on the small icons that take you to the latest post in a thread, you can now click on the entire row. It works this way in the Search Result pages (like Active Topics) and in the Forum View pages.

You can still click on the individual links that may reside in that row - like the Forumosan Profile links or the little page numbers that may be shown there. But if you press your finger elsewhere on that row, you’ll be taken to the latest post.

At least this is how it is supposed to work. I’ve only tried this out on the iPad. Please report any bugs or trouble you find using this.

Btw, on the Forum Index page, this expanded clickable area is limited to the box that the latest post is in. Using the whole row seemed too confusing to me - if you didn’t exactly hit the Forum title, you would be sent to the latest post. The expanded clickable area on this row is only next to (not below) the tiny latest post icon.

Oh, I really like this. No more aiming for that miniscule ‘last read post’ target.
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I was wondering why posts were opening when I hadn’t clicked on them!!!

Clickable whitespace is the bane of mouse-wheel users. I use a mouse wheel for scrolling, and to set the focus of the page so I can scroll, I have to find whitespace to click on. Now most of the inactive whitespace is gone, barring a thin strip between the rows and Forumosa Friends.

Could you at least make it show the “pointer hand” as it does when one hovers the pointer over a link, to inform people that clicking on the whitespace within a row will open the post?

Or is it even possible to make clickable rows an option in Settings?

I use a mouse wheel for scrolling, too, but I do not understand the problem you are describing.

Nevertheless, I could set up the clickable areas for the Search Result pages (like Active Topics) to be the same as those on the Forum Index page, where only the area on the right around the last post is a clickable area. Then, the area on the left around the title of the post is non-clicking whitespace – the links inside that area would still be clickable links, like the title of the post and the list of jump pages that appear for multiple-page topics. How does this sound?

It’s possible to make the clickable rows an option setting. But is it worth doing? Or at least, is it worth doing now? It would involve making it a Custom Field in the profile and then revising types of pages that use rows (note: there are 8 or so of them, and I only made 3 types of pages clickable: search results, the forum index, and the topic list aka the viewforum pages).

The first thing I usually do when I open a new web page is click somewhere (usually on some whitespace near where the pointer happens to be) so that the mouse wheel will be guaranteed to work on that page.

If the hand-pointer appears, I assume I’m hovering over a link; if I see the arrow-pointer, I assume it’s not a link. Perhaps if the entirety of the clickable row would cause a hand-pointer to appear, that would help.

OK, I get it. Thanks.

I’ve changed the Search Results Template (used by Active Topics) - pls try this out and lmk if this effect works for you

I see hand-pointers!

Thanks, GE!!

[quote=“Chris”]I see hand-pointers!

Thanks, GE!![/quote]
Great! I’ve made the change to the Forum index and the View Forum pages, too. You should see hand-pointers when you hover over the clickable areas there by now

Not sure if this is related, but I’m used to doing a command+click to get a link to open in a new tab, and that’s no longer working.

On my Mac, it still works if I do the command+click on the link itself. I can’t do the command+click in a clickable whitespace

The clickable+whitespace is javascript, and affects the areas defined by the HTML tags that it is coded into. The command+click action seems to be connected specifically to the linking tag (i.e., the anchor tag: a). In a similar way, in Windows, I like to click on my mouse wheel to open a link in a background browser tab. This only works if I mouse-wheel-click the link, and not the “clickable”-whitespace

I hope this helps.

Actually, not. Still works with other sites, though.

OK, I’ve adjusted things so that the first column (which has the Topic Title) is no longer a Clickable area block. The columns that show the number of replies, the number of views, and the last post are still Clickable area blocks (if the row is larger than usual, then only the area next to the numbers of views/replies and the last post are clickable areas, not the areas immediately below them)