Climbathon Math

I am not the world’s best mathematician, but…

If there where about 500 participants at last year’s Taipei 101 Climbathon and they raised NTD 1.85 million … rdid=94983

And this year’s Climbathon had nearly 800 participants and raised NTD 1.8 million … 108898.htm

and the registration fees and minimum pledges were the same for both years, how could there be less money raised this year? Or are the amounts in the papers incorrect?

Well, last year’s was based on each climber going out to get sponsors…people could sponsor a climber for a flat sum, for a certain amount for every floor climbed, etc and some invididual climbers raised in the tens of thousands of dollars. Didn’t participate this year, but I think entry was just based on a flat entrance fee, $2000/climber.