Climbing Gym

I am looking for a boulder gym (Climbing) in Taipei. Are there any?

Which area of Taipei? I know of a wall in Hsindien, Neihu, and a small one in BanQiao. I am sure there are others. Also, I have heard Keelung has some good climbs.

The one I go most frequently is Y17 near MRT NTU Hospital station. I think I once posted the info somewhere but can’t find it just now. I am working on my blog to share those info but before it is ready, I can show you Y17 and Wan Hua if you are interested.

There is also bouldering gym near MRT Min Chuan W. Road Station which I’ve never been. Let me know if you want to get more details about any particular one or if you are short of a climbing partner :smiley: