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Thank you, but we can all read the newspaper (I hope) and if we’re here, also have access to news sites.
Do you actually have anything to say about Clitton and his heart bypass?

Thank you, but we can all read the newspaper (I hope) and if we’re here, also have access to news sites.
Do you actually have anything to say about Clitton and his heart bypass?[/quote]

Is he actually going for heart bypass or for genital mutilation? :smiling_imp:

:blush: (not really :wink: )
You are a fun guy Chewy–spelled F-U-N-G-I

Top 10 reactions.

  1. We feel his pain.

  2. Good thing Hillarycare never got off the ground.

  3. Who would have thunk it? His HEART has certain peculiar physical abnormalities!

  4. Not a cardiovascular attack, but a broken heart.

  5. Yet another PR challenge for MacDonalds.

  6. Symbolic revenge by Jehovah for Clinton’s proposal to divide Jerusalem, the heart of Eretz Israel.

  7. What was the problem exactly–did Hillary rip it, still beating, out of his chest?

  8. Collapsed while reading steamy sex scene his ghost-writer added.

  9. Let all Americans remember him in our prayers. O Cthulhu, accept this our sacrifice–feast on his blood!

  10. Another mystery for Henry Lee to solve?

Hope you thought I was trying to be funny with these posts, Chewy. The “Clitton” thing and the fun guy stuff are results of a bad hangover morning.

He’ll be fine. After all, he survived his brain bypass surgery and ran the country for eight years. . . .


Without a doubt, Clinton was, despite what people may think about the man’s morals, one of the most intelligent men to ever occupy the White House. (Certainly, your beloved Bush is not the intellectual equal of Clinton, or even Buddy, the dog Clinton used to own).

It’s too bad that a person like yourself, who is on par with Bush when it comes to intelligence, cannot allow yourself to admit that Bill Clinton used his considerable intellectual ability to see to it that the US didn’t become involved in a mess like Iraq, nor did he make the many verbal blunders that Mr. Bush often does, which is an embarrassment to the entire country.

Unfortunately, Bush will definately benefit from Clinton’s illness since Clinton is one of the most popular public figures the USA has ever had. Each time Clinton makes a speach, the tickets become sold-out. His book is a fantastic success. People love Clinton and they hate Bush. (Of course, I am not talking about you or other right-wingers because you and they don’t possess the intellectual ability to see that Bush has f##ked up the country and the world since he has been in office).

However, you better worry about Clinton’s health, Squid, because when the man gets better, and he will, he will go on the campaign trail for Kerry and Bush’s ass is gonna get kicked badly in November.


Clinton, in hospital awaiting surgery, talking to Larry King:[quote] Let me just say this, Republicans aren’t the only people who want four more years here,[/quote]

Nice line.

I’ve always admired Clinton as an example of the American Dream, but wondered whether I would like him if I met him: would he be too much of a slick lawyer bullshitter or would be be a cool laid-back southern boy?

And I thought Monica was alright. Me, in a New York minute!

Almas “anything that moves” John

While I wish Clinton the best and hoep he comes out ok.

I still think history books will not be kind to him. Most presidents with his number of scandals are not remembered fondly no matter how great their accomplishments(i.e. Grant).


I disagree. He was exactly what was needed at the time, the '90s - a squishy ultramoderate who didn’t rock the boat and kept a steady course during boring, prosperous times with no great national crisis of urgency. He will be remembered as the Great Stabilizer, like Eisenhower. And like the '50s, the '90s will be remembered as a dull, carefree decade of peace and quiet prosperity, fondly nostalgiazed as the calm before the nasty storms and social upheavals and warfare of the decade that came after.

while i think he’s got some real issues and is too slick for his own good, any president who passes nafta and reforms welfare is ok in my book. he’s the best democratic president we’ve had in my lifetime. :wink:

They say this operation is similar to the one Cheney got, except they plan on leaving Clinton’s heart in. (Drew Carey)

Some of you may have heard that Teresa Heinz-Kerry also went into the hospital, apparently for an upset stomach. … _wife_dc_1

I’m not sure whether this is the Democrats’ sympathy vote ploy (“vote for John-John or else Kerry’s wife will develop an ulcer”) or an attempt to distract from the Republicans’ bounce (“look at us, we’re in the hospital!”) or is because the Dems realize they’ve lost.

But you know what they say. Once is chance, twice is coincidence, three times is conspiracy. If Edwards comes down with the barfing awfuls, then you know they’re messing with voters’ heads.

TO: William Jefferson Clinton
The William J. Clinton Foundation
55 West 125th St.
New York, NY 10027

FROM: John McDougall, MD

DATE: September 4, 2004

SUBJECT: Proposed Heart Surgery

Dear Bill:

The chance you will ask for my opinion on your pending surgery this week for blockages of your heart arteries is about the same as you escaping the heart bypass business. Regardless, for the sake of others and to clear my conscience by at least trying, I will take this opportunity to share ten challenging thoughts with you.

  1. Don

Interesting article, Richard. I heard the same thing from a Stanford heart surgeon one night when he’d had too much to drink.

As far as Clinton’s supposed superior intelligence goes, I have no clue what that’s based on. I couldn’t manage to listen to his speeches for more than a few minutes witihout my eyes glazing over. And Homer Simpson could have come up with a better cover story than he did to try to cover up the Monica Lewinsky mess. As an American citizen, it was embarrassing to watch him lie so transparently.

And the ‘but I didn’t inhale’ excuse . . . Yikes.

As far as I could tell, the belief in ‘Clinton’s superior intelligence’ was just an urban myth cooked up by a sycophantic press. I’d be interested in what other people base their belief on though.

You don’t go from Arkansas white trash to a Rhodes Scholar if you’re a dummy.

Especially if you’re also father-less.

Clinton recently gave a speech at Kansas University’s Allen Fieldhouse (links here) - the most recent in the Dole Institute of Politics’ Dole Lecture series - that was, imho, brilliant.

With no focus groups to ‘manage’ his message, no Dick Morris to tell him what’s ‘important’, and no GOPers parsing every phrase in search of impeachable content - seemingly thinking aloud and to a significant extent speaking extemporaneously - it was pretty obvious he’s bright as halogen.


Just because he’s intelligent doesn’t mean he’s smart.

China jerked him around (“Three no’s”, Tibet) and he let them. Both Israel and Palestine jerked him around–peace was always “just around the corner”. He found himself in the unique position, for a commander-in-chief, of negotiating with the U.S. military over which of his orders they would be willing to follow (the gay issue). He sat back and watched his wife mess up the health care thing, for which they had a lot of support in the beginning. And knowing that there was a Republican conspiracy out to hang him, he handed them the perfect rope.