Clock Radio w/ 2 alarms

It feels unbelieve that it should be so hard to find something this basic in the land of consumer eletronics abundance. But I’ve really tried.

I need a digital clock radio with 2 alarms and a snooze button. I need to be able to set the two alarms at different times, and I need to be able to turn them off/on individually. I’d also like if the alarm can be the radio.

I had a clock radio like this in Australia, but I can’t believe that I will have to ask someone down there to buy this for me and ship it to Taiwan.

How do people wake up here in Taiwan?! :s


This isn’t exactely what you want, but it’s close. I have spent several years looking for the exact same thing you wrote about, but to no avail. Last year I found an oversized red LCD alarm clock, with sleep, snooze, radio, but with only one alarm.

Go to Gwang Hwa Computer Market. Cross the street and go into to the building that is underneath the bridge. Go up stairs. Go to your right once you are inside. On the right hand side of that isle there is a small junk store with lots of electronic products hanging, you’ll probably have to duck down to go inside, if you can even get inside. It’s been a year and they could have moved the product, but there used to be one on the counter and more straight to the back of the shop. You’ll notice it immediately if they still have them. They may even have a new model with two alarms, it’s worth a look. This is the only place I have been able to find an A/C LCD alarm clock in Taiwan, and I have looked everywhere!

Let me know by PM if you find it!

People usually use their cell phones as an alarm clock, I guess.

My clock radio is a Panasonic that I picked up at Costco. It has a CD player,and AM/FM radio, with two alarms, and a snooze button which gets used a lot. It cost about 3k, I think.

Cost Co does have some clock radios, I forgot about that, but they’re more expensive and have more functions. The clock radio I wrote about was around NT$700, I can’t remember the exact price though, but it was under NT$900.

they are really hard to find. i for one am not trusting waking up for work to some batteries. thank god the clock radio i brought with me is a sony, about 25 years old and still going strong!

Go to Carrefour. I bought exactly what you are describing except with a CD. The 2 alarms can activate the radio, any track on the CD or the bloody loud alarm. It’s an AKAI brand, cost under a thousand.