Clock watchers/realtime threads

How many people (like myself) have jobs where more often than not, they have absolutely nothing to do and can basically sit around either posting or waiting for someone else to post on oriented? I know I could be doing better things with my time (and sometimes I do) but… maybe some of you other clock watchers will have some other time-wasting websites to recommend. Come on I know you’re out there… you can admit it, your secret is safe with me.
Also maybe we can have just a thread that continuously shifts and adapts throughout the day. You know, where people can post anything like… “Hey I was just outside… and I could have sworn I felt a raindrop.” or " Did I just feel an earthquake?" and then people could write back saying things like… “yes I definately felt a drop of rain,” or “No you’re crazy that wasn’t and earthquake. I think you drank too much last night.”
what do ya think?

You mean, like a chatroom? That sounds like a good idea, actually. Maybe you should ask the moderators about setting up one.

Damn… A chat room. I thought I had come up with something new and original and now i realize that yes what I’m talking about would be a chat room and hardly original at all… But yes it is still a good idea. But more importantly

  1. Im sitting in my office and I personally find it quite stuffy in here but… the girl in front of me is wearing a sweater. How does she do it.
  2. I just drank one of those “cupped coffees” (red and white plastic cup) its a new ‘Mocha’ one. I was heartbroken for weeks when they discontinued the ‘cupaccino’ but now I think things are looking brighter again. It was yummy.