Closed account?

Why did my account get canceled?
I don’t visit here that often anymore, but today I had some questions, but could not log in nor get my password sent to my Email.

I searched for my username and found all my old posts, but registered as “Guest”…

I opened a new account (same login/pass) and there was no problems (like “username already taken”).

It’s no biggie, I just want to know why my old account got closed…

When the forum got moved to the new server, any accounts that hadn’t been active for a while got pruned. There were a whole heap of accounts that got the boot, and it looks like yours was one of them. One of the admins’ll be able to give more details.

Maoman made an annoucement here:
He meant to delete users who were a lot more inactive than you. Many apologies :blush:

I think this picture might indicate the amount of stress he’s going through at the moment: