Club Wax

I stopped going to Wax because the music was exactly the same…after two weeks, after three months, after one year or more…and because there were never enough bartenders considering how many people pack into that small place. There are better 喝到飽 spots in Taipei.

If I read that correctly, he’s offering women all they can drink for free.

If I read that correctly, he’s offering women all they can drink for free.
I read it that way too,good job you ,TomThorne etc are not Female…place would be bankrupt :roflmao:

Upside: All you can drink! Downside: Lines too long to get drinks…
Upside: Foreigners get in cheaply. Downside: The place overcrowds with foreigners.

The dance music isn’t the most recent.
The “crowd mover” is one black guy who talks the lyrics and other cliches over the lyrics of the music.

Sounds like my gym…

Yes, they can make a draw by promising women booze. But since there are other 喝到飽 where the women pay little and still can drink all that they want, I think the payoffs are higher at other places.

I’ve been with three women who I first met at Wax, but that’s not the place where I’ve had the most success in that regard.

its the overpowering aroma of vomit that permeates 2/3 of the bar that keeps em coming back.

starting a thread complaining about the shortcomings of Wax as a night club is kind of unnecessary, the place is truly the bottom of the barrel and everyone knows it, no need to belabor the obvious.

“hey guys, that cho do fu is pretty stinky…Pee-Yoo! I think I am done with that, I am moving onto do-gan from here on out.”

Tempo Gain moved my initial posts from the Events subforum advertising Wax’s “Foreigner Nights,” and I intended them mostly as forwarnings for people who didn’t know this.