Clubs and DJs

Did you see the China Post Prime Time this morning?
The story about the Canadian woman, Janis Robinson, who organizes all those parties and brings in DJs from around the world … a dream job! Even though I bet SARS might have damaged her business a bit lately.
I checked out the website mentioned in the article - - and they’ve got lists of dance events, with profiles of DJs to be added later on.
Looks like a promising website for dance music fans.

Enzo, I couldnt find the article at the China Post website. Which section was it in? Was it Friday’s edition?
Thanks! :slight_smile:

I checked the China Post website … for the first time. Couldn’t find it either, it looks like they don’t put the Prime Time supplement on the site.
You’ll find the feature about events organizer Janis Robinson on the frontpage of the Prime Time supplement in the Friday Jun 20 paper.

Here’s some concert news:

Max Graham brings trance and progressive house to the Texound on July
5 at 11pm: Nanjing E Rd Sec 3, No 217
Liquid People at the Eden on July 18:
Zhongxiao E Rd Sec 4, No 98, 10-11F
that’s the Bistro 98 building on the corner of Zhongxiao and Da’an,
across the road from Tower Records

and for the world music fans:
the Buena Vista Social Club will perform live at the Taipei Int. Convention Center on Oct. 7 and 8