CNN 911 reporting - what happened to the plane and ship?

What happened to the freighter or container ship which was stopped by the CG during 11. Sept. 02 due to radioactivity and the NWA plane which was rerouted and grounded due to some disturbance on board?

I think to remember both incidents were briefly mentioned in CNN that day but haven’t found any further information about both cases …

The Pentagon just sent out a team to do more inspections, tests, etc. Earlier indications of radioactivity were not confirmed by a second test, so they are sending in the experts. The ship is sitting 6 miles off the coast.

On that NWA flight, three guys reportedly locked themselves into the restroom and began shaving themselves. Strangely, I find myself more occupied wondering how three guys fit into one of those restrooms than thinking anything about terrorism. It was hard enough for my wife and I, but that’s another story. Anyway, the story came out that one guy was in the restroom for a long time and would not obey the flight attendants’s request to go back to his seat. He had his shirt off and was shaving. Later, his friend wanted to go into the restroom too, which further alarmed the flight attendant. These two are still in jail right now awaiting a court hearing. Two other guys also detained were later released and not charged with anything.

The next day a guy carried a shaving kit into the restroom, stayed in there “an unusual amount of time” and again F-16’s were scrambled and people freaked out. The same day a guy’s folding comb caused an uproar with everyone thinking it was a folding knife. The F-16’s are really getting a workout.

No matter how bad I look, I think I can wait to shave. If your body hair is such a problem, get it taken care of before you leave.

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