CNN FLASH! DPRE Goes Nuclear!

You better start shivering.

DPRE Test Fires Nuclear Weapon!

WASHINGTON (CNN) – The world is reacting with fear and uncertainty in the wake of this morning’s nuclear test by the Democratic Peoples Republic of Evil. Scientists at the US Geological Survey said they were unable to measure the size of the explosion but guess it was probably about the size of a Dixie Cup half filled with kaoliang (a WMD banned by the United Nations)

Initial reports place the explosion in a small alley off Chung Shan N. Rd. Satellite imagery leaked to the press by the NSA show two Sanyang motorcycles slightly damaged.

In recent months, the DPRE’s reclusive “Cool Leader” Dr. Evil has threatened Canadian English teachers and even made nasty remarks about their mothers.

Dr. Evil

Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe and North Korea’s Kim Jung-il have joined in requesting UN Secretary General Kofi Anus call an emergency meeting of the Security Council.[/quote]

Good lord! First Iraq’s teeming arsenal of death and now this. I haven’t been able to stop shivering since 2002.
Where’s Sheriff John Bolton anyway? I thought he was in charge of dealing with varmints of mass death.

Crikey, I’m glad I’m in HK . . erh, what’s the range on a Dixie cup?


Next stop – Hawaii.