CNY in Miaoli

An acquaintance of ours have invited us to Miaoli for CNY. I have been there, and seen whatever there is to see, had the tea there but I have some questions.

  1. is the New year there sth special?? Or should we just expect to spend time with the friend and his family.

  2. I am assuming we’ll be staying overnight. If so, should we book a hotel coz the whole family will be going, or will that be rude. I don’t want to impose on them for sleeping arrangements et al and I also dunno if they will or will not be inconvenienced by us being there. So before I propose a hotel, I just hope they don’t get offended.

  3. Does Miaoli have decent places to stay overnight. I am not looking for the Marriot, a home stay or bed and breakfast kind of place would do fine. Any recommendations are welcome.
    Thanks in advance.

Miaoli, a place so bad that the birds fly upside down because there’s nothing worth shitting on.

Beigang (Yunlin County) is worse.