Coca Cola Zero

To appeal to men worldwide, many soft drink makers have dropped the word “diet” from the name of some of their products or introduced newly named products. In Coke’s case, there’s get this – Coke Zero.

There’s even an ad campaign urging men to consume Coke Zero using a weblog as the advert gimmick, in which a guy rants about why life is so full of stuff to do and how it would be so much nicer if there was, well, zero to do. ZERO TO DO?, …

Is this beverage on sale in Taiwan yet?

We haven’t had Diet Coke for ages, it’s “Coke Light”, which is a strange name for something black.

I thought it was about Pepsi 1 Coca Cola 0 …

I thought this thread was about the recent Coke boycot, because the Coca Cola Capitalists (CCC) do kill and torture third world trade union guys and force banana republics to ban all beaverages but coke.

Forcing little children to drink coke and watch coke advertisments on tv.
Camouflaged death squats erasing everyone who does not wear a “I love coke” T-shirt.

Atlanta is the gate of hell, I tell ya.

it is now…

it is now…[/quote]

You are right! And you got me in my anti-Coke mode now. Nothing personal.

Oh I feel young again, revolutionary!


I think Diet Coke didn’t sell very well in Asia. Girls didn’t want people to think they were on a diet. They changed the name to Coke Light.

I heard some people say they taste different… but I think they’re the same product aren’t they? I saw some tests where coke was put in a pepsi can, and people were sure they were drinking pepsi. People can easily change the taste of something in their head based on what they expect and what kind of packaging it comes in.

I wonder if people are going to say that Coke Zero tastes different?

They are not the same … coke uses different sweeteners in diet coke and coke light … or did it …

I don’t know about that whole not telling coke from pepsi. Even though I don’t touch cola (blech!), I can identify the difference between a coke burp and a pepsi burp. And even a diet pepsi from a pepsi burp. I have my mother to thank for the years of training when I was a kid…

Don’t ask.

They are not the same … coke uses different sweeteners in diet coke and coke light … or did it …[/quote]

They use the chemical Aspartame.

Anyone who drinks soda drinks should be cautious.

But those on the payroll will have us believe Aspartame is safe.
Take a look at this website for more information if you are interested.

I wouldn’t touch any of these sodas.

Click here to watch a great documentary on aspartame. A poison that is spoon fed to kids all around the world. … me&pl=true

I hope after viewing you won’t touch anything with aspartame in it…

[quote=“bob_honest”] …
Camouflaged death squats …[/quote]