Cocaine in taipei

Everytime the drug statistics come out it is clear that amphetamines (speed) are the drug of choice in Taiwan. There’s always hype about E or K in the clubs, but users are dwarfed by speedfreaks 10 to 1. I think heroin is making inroads though.


I had a friend from California who moved to Tahiti to help run a Kava export business. Kava is a plant that is ground with a mortar and pestle, mixed with water, and poured into a coconut shell and passed around a circle in a popular social ceremony in the South Pacific, with everyone taking a drink from the coconut. Kava is apparently a mild narcotic and I believe major pharmaceutical companies have explored it or use it. Probably companies like Celestial Seasonings have also looked into it, or already sell kava tea. My friend is very handy and was experienced at building water purification systems, so his friend invited him to join his project, with the goal of getting rich exporting the stuff to the West. He lived in Tahiti for a couple of years. They got in close with one of the sons of the king, or something like that, and got access to all the kava they needed to purchase, they set up their machinery for grinding/extracting the good stuff, but for some reason they failed. I believe there is a glut of kava on the market. Besides, he told me the stuff tastes like dirt and it doesn’t give you much of a buzz anyway. Too bad. I’d still like to try it though. I guess to do it right, one should really fly to Tahiti and drink it out of a coconut with the locals. Now if only I can convince my wife. . .

It tastes like drinking ground chili. foul indeed.

You get a numb mouth for that very reson alone.

You get a very mild buzz, liked the feeling a bit, would not mind to try it again one day, but with 1-2 other guys, who are willing to endure the taste.

sounds a bit like bin lang from your descriptions

binlang x 10

Did ANYONE read my questions?

[quote=“Mianbao”]I heard back in early 1998 of a laowai getting busted with possession of marijuana (less than an ounce) and getting sentenced to 5 years. It could have been real, or could have been mere hostel tales. ??[/quote]True story. I met him in HK after he was released and deported. It was a setup by his father-in-law who’d been against the marriage.

Doing acid in Taipei? You must be mad. My head hurts just thinking about it. That would be it for me. Rubber room and corks on the forks for life. Gawd. :astonished:


Bollocks to what? Lost me there.

You’ve all lived here HOW LONG???
According to independent investigating and User’s Manual (Taiwan) of the Freelance Witch:
YES the foreign guy (Nigerian) was bust.
NO, none of the English papers reported it. Maybe they have the time to waste on better things, like the state of the orange crop? Spoonbills arriving (how the hell can they belong to Taiwan if they only move here in winter, anyway? Where do they BREED, huh?). Mullets migrating in droves (the roe is quite good, I believe). How foreign wives should get with it and start speaking Mandarin (like most Taiwanese people do?) Ad infinitum, in perpetua, ad farking nauseam.
Also, as far as I know, all reporters on the English newspapers have their hands full going to press briefings where nobody asks questions (that’s the reason why you get the same shit in every “English” newspaper here). I mean … when last have you seen a so-called SCOOP in an “English” paper here?
Ecstacy is readily available, although the price has jumped from NT200 - NT250 a shot to GASP NT500 (last weekend). Maybe it has something to do with Xmas approaching.
Marijuana is here (although prohibitively expensive, it’s a disgrace). Magic mushrooms is here, in Ilan County’s mountains (ever been there?) and Tainan’s countryside, just like on the golf courses in England in autumn. Opium is here. Heroin is here. Ketamin is here. Acid is here. Ice is here. -= Is this ALL the doing of foreigners??? I think not. If this type of activities was due to foreigners, why the hell would they even bother teaching English???
A friend of mine went to a halloween party (at a club, name withheld to protect the guilty) so convincingly dressed as a cop that ALL the Taiwanese people there immediately dropped EVERY last drug they had on the floor. Hell I’ve never had such a good “Easter Egg Hunt” in my life!! NONE of the foreigners there, myself included, had to drop anything. We collected. And we dropped later.
Taiwanese kids take LOTS of drugs, and they know where to find it, obviously. And it is available. I don’t think they get it from foreigners. NO, I know they don’t get it from foreigners, I know I don’t.
As for kava kava - for pussies. Nice zing, but drugs are for experiencing alternative states of mind, not to get a zing, I always thought. YES it’s nice and relaxing … try to cope with your stress in better ways, like having a drink. At least it can lead to addiction.
If you want a zing, eat betel nut.


Anways, anyone else hear about it? Possible sentence when convicted?[/quote]

If it’s of any interest to you to know what happens if your caught growing your own pot plant, you can read on.

I had an acquaintance, who was growing a pot plant on his balcony in Neihu, around Kangning Road sec.1.
A cop happened to be in the apartment across from him for some reason or another and noticed the, “infraction.”

They waited till he got home and arrested him.
After arresting him (on TV), then returned his passport(without restrictions) and set a court date stating something like, “you are obligated to appear in court on such and such date. Should you fail to appear, you will be sought out and arrested upon sight.”

Basically a, “get the hell out and don’t come back, or we will nail you to the board!!!” :banned:
With a smile of course.
It kind of sucked as he and his wife were good people, and two of the already too few people I knew here at the time.

This, to the best of my recollection, was in the summer of '02.