Cockatoos in Taiwan?

When I moved to Muzha about six months ago I started noticing everyday a group of two to three large white birds would fly around making the most awful noises and I always wondered what they were; however, since I have no field glasses they were always out of range somewhat for me to tell exactly what type of birds they are. But last week I was waiting on a bus at Zhongxiao East Road and I heard the same screeching noise and when I looked up noticed it was a yellow-crested Cockatoo (my mother has had one for 15 years now)… I was surprised by this since I am almost positive that they are not native to Taiwan so I wasn’t completely sure of my observations. But today the normal flock of two to three birds that patrol my neighborhood on a daily basis got within my scope of vision, and I shit you not they are cockatoos.

Has anyone else noticed these birds? I am from Miami so we have tons of non-native birds that have been introduced, among other exotic species, especially since Hurricane Andrew devastated all the zoos . Are these now wild birds or are they treated like pigeons here? I ask this since the birds I see outside my house seem to always fly to the same high rise from the mountains everyday shortly before dusk to roost I guess? Has anyone else seen these?

I saw maybe six white cockatoos sitting on a phone a line a couple of blocks from Chung-yo department store in Taichung approx 8 years ago.

Good I am not the only one, I was worried it my be flashbacks from all the “bedding” sheet purchases I made when the “dead” came touring years ago when it was still cheap.

ooh, you’re sooo lucky. The Taiwanese believe that a visit from white birds is an omen of future wealth and impotence.

I hope what you say is true since I could use the wealth and for sure the impotence since that is where all my wealth went in the first place.

Yeah, we have had those cockatoos for years in Muzha. They are not native.

I saw one fly down and sit on a lamp post outside ShiDa MTC a little while ago. I thought it must have been a recent escapee, but maynot not huh?