Cockroaches at the Neihu Subway :(

So for everyone that don’t think cockroaches crawling within a foot of the food is that big of a deal, you would honestly still have ordered the sandwich and eaten it after having seen that?

F@^k no! But unlike you I would’ve told them they’re dirty bastards!

Then again, I suffer from severe roachaphobia…

[quote=“wudjamahuh”]I found a nail in my noodles in Shijir, a cockroach in instant noodles from Carrefour, and a cigarette butt in my steamed veggies in Banqiao.

In my honest opinion, Subway(and any other Western chain) standards are miles higher than 99% of local restaurants. The cockroaches are disturbing, but hell, I occasionally see a cockroach in my own kitchen - this hasn’t stopped me from eating my own culinary creations as of yet.[/quote]

What kind of nail? We once found a nail (a dingzi that is) in a Pizza Hut pizza. They paid us a bit of compensation and sent the area manager with fruit.