Cockroaches everywhere during the day

Normally there are dead cockroaches smeared all over the streets of Taipei every morning. We’re all familiar with this wonderful city. But every now and then, there’s a day when the ground is absolutely churning with cockroaches throughout the entire day, both dead and still alive. And it’s fucking disgusting! I really can’t come up with an explanation for why this happens, and it’s… bugging me.
Anyone got any answers?

If it rains a lot, then a lot of them leave the sewers and come to the surface. Also they appear more as it gets hotter.

The ones around Daan Park are MASSIVE

Those big, flying bastards are the worst.

I had an infestation of the smallish German ones a couple summers ago. I’m a clean guy, so I blame my neighbor. Used a bunch of roach glue and eventually killed them off. I preemptively put the glue everywhere before each summer season now, and I haven’t had an infestation since.

I feel guilty when I kill a spider or even a fly. The only two things I kill guilt-free are cockroaches and mosquitoes.


What’s this glue you speak of?

Roach glue. Tons of different brands out there. You can buy it at any 24 hr store.

Catch enough and you can sell them for profit to Korean cosmetic companies (Source). Also, remember they’re better when fried twice.

You mean glue traps?

No. It is a bait poison that smells to them like glue. Roaches love glue. They eat the poison, bring it back to their brood and it kills them all off. Takes about 3 months to kill em all.

I will look for a link.

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No, mine was brown glue that came out of a tube (like toothpaste). I laid it in various areas. At work. If I see the box in my home, I’ll tell you the brand, but I might have tossed it.

Yep, you got it.


I just took a pic of the one I have.
It only takes a tiny bit in key dark places.
Works very well.一點絕/?marin=s7fGZ6OWN|pcrid|230046727852|蟑螂%20藥|b|m|slid||&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIwfLc9JbB2gIVA3y9Ch1PPw4REAMYASAAEgJ1jPD_BwE

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That’s the one I use as well.

I’ll see this once in a while, especially on an alley I regularly walk down. I’ve always assumed it’s because there’s been some kind of spraying, and the roaches are coming above ground to die.

I say the end times are coming.

Again I will come to the rescue with an explanation of one of Taiwans mysteries :).

It is due to spraying of drains to prevent dengue fever epidemics primarily. They do it a couple of times a year at least.

Happened in Xindian today cockroaches everywhere, yum.

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The combat roach traps work well,.It got rid of an infestation in my apartment completely last year.

However I came home last month to a big German cockroach which bailed when I turned on the light plus I noticed a few baby ones
Whoops time to change the traps.

I cheaped out and bought Taiwanese made traps, saved half price.

Two weeks later roaches were seen everywhere.
Replaced with Combat and they’re gone again

Won’t cheap out again

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I bought both the Combat and the Taiwanese traps. The Taiwanese traps snagged a bunch of little walking things, but zero roaches.

The combats (big size) seem to have entry holes too small for the rather large roaches I run across every so often. I’ve see three in the past week; one I stomped and two I sprayed. The latter both got away, but the spray has never failed so I guess I’ll find the bodies when I move out some day.