Cocktails are served at Jahmuna's!

Well if the rain finally stops, summer should be officially be here! Jahmuna’s cocktail bar is open. Why we called it Jahmuna’s Jamaican “Stop”? It is the place to stop to meet a friend, have a quick patty and a drink before you go out, or just to lounge an relax away from the hustle for awhile! We will be serving our Jamaican cocktails in the evenings(actually if you need one in the day will do that too!!). Most are rum-based, some vodka and a whiskey somewhere in there.

Green Lizard (a Jahmuna’s original)
Planter’s Punch
Jamaican Cocktail
Jungle Juice
Coconut Cooler
Blue Monday
and more…

All cocktails are $150NT. Also we have Heineken $90NT, Guinness $100NT and Red Stripe, (is sold out but has been ordered) at $150NT!

Also will be putting some cake on the menu this week to go along with our Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee for tea-time.

Hours: Monday-closed(production day!!)
Tuesday 2-9pm
Wednesday 2-10pmish(this means if there are people in the place we won’t kick you out, haha!!!)
Thursday 2-11pm
Friday 2-11pm
Saturday 2-11pm
Sunday Closed

We are also available to do small events(art shows, birthdays, company functions, etc) for parties up to about 25 people, just give us a call or stop by, (02)-2740-7009. We are located at 381 Renai Rd Sec 4. Near the intersection of Renai and Yenji. It is actually behind building 383 on Renai Rd Section 4. If you are on Yenji St look for the Ikari coffee close to the intersection of Renai and we are across the street.

Feel free to stop by enjoy some reggae on the patio, eat a patty and a nice cocktail! Also big thanks to everyone on Formumosa for the support and comments, keep them coming!!

P.S. we didn’t forget the BBQ!!!Stay tuned…