Where can I get a good pack of all the codecs to play different video formats, all together?

I used to have them, but lost them when I reformatted.


You can try this site. … l_in_1.htm

Thanks, but it still didn’t open a video file, I downloaded (music video). Any other ideas?


I use the K-lite pack:

Try the Full version, in case you have an unusual codec. If that still doesn’t work, download G-Spot: This will look at your file and tell what codec is used. If that still doesn’t work, you probably have a corrupted/incomplete file.

That’s a pay-for one. Any freebies?


Sorry about that Bu. They didn’t have that crap last time I downloaded it. You can still get the K-Lite pack free at some other sites though: … wnload.htm

Thanks. I think it’s a corrupt one.


I’m not sure I even have any codecs installed. I watch everything with this:
and haven’t ran into a “funny” codec since. Even if I did run into a funny codec I’d rather get another copy of what I trying to watch then try to track down the proper codec.

Have a look at the features page for a list of the codecs it supports:

What Miltown Kid uses is the same as l use. It’s also a multi regeon dvd player too. Plus it’s free. Can’t beat that.

Do you guys think this will correct my “Can’t create overlay” problem when trying to play a DVD? Never got it to run with any DVD. Win 2003 system. I think it’s the OS and video driver incompatibility. :frowning:

Googled out of curiosity. Maybe this will help.

Thanks. Unfortunately for me, I’m not running netmeeting as a background process and when I play my DVD, I’m not running any other application other than the usual AV, anti-spyware stuff. I’m thinking of just getting a portable combo drive and see what happens there.

So I went out and bought an AOPen combo drive. Solved my problems of the can’t create overlay problems. There’s also a problem with the Intervideo DVD players. I think it sucks. The bundled CyberLink DVD player XP 4.0 works best it seems.

Can you really play all DVDs on that?
Coz I tried and it’s no go.
My DVD is set to region 1. And that’s all I can play, VCL or not.